You can’t deny it. The idea of spending your summer in a Five Star villa with all expenses paid and a wealth of gorgeous singletons doesn’t sound that bad.

If the thought of becoming a reality TV star hasn’t already crossed your mind then it definitely should.

Following the huge success of Love Island 2017, a new series of the show was confirmed just moments after Amber Davies and Kem Cetinay were crowned winners.

Applicants for Love Island 2018 are now being accepted and we have 7 tips to a standout Love Island 2018 application to ensure your form will sneak through the villa doors come June.

1. DON’T LIE on your Love Island 2018 application

It may sound kind of stupid but, obviously, don’t lie. Even the smallest white lie is likely to face repercussions.

Tell the truth, be confident about how interesting you are as a person, and understand that it’s the role of the casting team to sniff out your bull.

2. PHOTOS must be good quality

Considering we live in an era where every 16-year-old has access to a 12 megapixel iPhone X camera, poor quality photos won’t cut it.

You don’t have to go out and spend £106 on professional modelling portraits but you do need to capture a clear image.

Take your phone, find a friend, and go to town with your own 30 minute modelling session in one our your most natural settings. Somewhere like your bedroom, workspace or favourite coffee shop.

Using old photos which have earned “bare” likes on Instagram can work, so long as it doesn’t involve trying to pinpoint which one you are from a lineup of 10.

3. HIGHLIGHT your best features in pictures

Okay, so the big question everyone is wondering is on topless photos.

Looking back at the cast of 2017 and 6-pack abs for guys and well-toned bums for girls look like the basic entry grades – this is NOT the case.

If you’re confident about your figure and keen to flaunt it as one of your best features then great. If not, focus on something else.

A cheeky smile, natural swagger, smouldering pout or even decent height all work fine.

The worse thing you can do is to try and highlight certain physical attributes just because you feel like you have to.

4. VIDEOS must be short

The Love Island 2018 application gives you 60 seconds to win them over.

The number one problem people face during their video applications is trying to cram together too much information.

Literally, casters don’t want to hear your life story.

Think of 60 seconds as the maximum and NEVER go over. Focus on bitesize pieces of information that make you interesting and an individual. Like Kem, here.

5. CREATIVITY is key in videos

Casters aren’t looking for the next Steven Spielberg but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative in your videos.

Use basic and simplistic video editing tools on your phone or laptop to ensure a tidy finish.

Avoid explosions, special effects and random loud noises that turn your 60 seconds into a cinematic trailer.

Instead, add small creative touches to your video and aim to tell the story of who you are with a simple but memorable dialog.

6. BALANCE your application with planning

There are two things that will kill a reality TV application.

The first is over planning and the second is no planning.

Find a balance where you have consciously thought about what you are going to say without writing and rewriting your answers like it’s a university paper.

Show the caster you have thought intelligently about your answers but mix in off the cuff answers which have shot into your head. Like, erm, bananas.

7. WRITE in your own voice

Good grammar and the ability to display varied sentence structures is not going to win you a place on Love Island 2018.

Use the vocabulary you spit in everyday life with friends, speak as if you are talking face to face with the producers over a cuppa tea and make your written answers sound like you.

An easy trick is to have a friend read your answers to see if their response is ‘OMG that is so you’.

Now you’re ready to nail your Love Island 2018 application, check out our article on how to apply. You’re one click away from the villa.

GOOD LUCK !!! And to apply, check out our article here with a link to the application form.

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