“Opening the salon” has been mentioned by almost all the islanders this year, but what exactly does the term mean? From a “manicure” to the behaviour being “reciprocated”, let’s get to grips with what it all means.

Viewers have been trying to decode the ‘salon’ terms spoken by Love Island stars this series, with the latest being Danica’s reveal to Summer and Indiyah that she had given Billy a “manicure” and was given one in return.

Other islanders such as Dami have also joked the salon may be open while recoupling with Indiyah. So, what does it all really mean? Reality Titbit can reveal exactly what it means and, if you didn’t know already, the salon = intimacy.

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‘Opening the salon’ meaning

When Love Island stars say they are “opening the salon” or have done so already, this means they have become intimate in bed with their partner. This includes action relating to foreplay between two people – without going the whole way.

Couples who claim to have “opened the salon” in the 2022 series include Danica and Billy, Tasha and Andrew – who appeared to be the first to have a “manicure” – and Paige and Jacques.

Several episodes before Jacques decided to leave, Paige told the girls: “We went to the hideaway last night, you know it was just a little massage of the hands to get a feel for something.

“You know, after you get your nails done you get a little cuticles massage and all that kind of thing?” She was asked by Antigoni whether she was happy with the products, to which she replied “yes”.

Love Island: Beauty salon code

Several terms have been made up by the islanders this series, including a “manicure”. This is a form of foreplay that involves using hands, hence the term “manicure”, which loosely relates to the code.

Instead of going into full detail of exactly what is going on in each bed, they decide to create their own meanings during each season. In the 2021 series, the term “graduation” meant an islander had intercourse.

Previous codes for sleeping together on the ITV2 dating show have been “doing bits”. The boys on the 2021 series often referred to sports games while talking about how intimate they had become with their partner.

Fans react to ‘salon’ meanings

Viewers have made their own conclusions about exactly what a “manicure” and “salon” is, but some have even spotted a flaw in the code. Several wonder what the islanders could possibly come up with for going the whole way.

One fan wrote: “They clearly didn’t think past manicure with this beauty salon metaphor.”

Another said they were a “grown woman” and proceeds to ask fellow viewers exactly what a “manicure” means on the ITV2 dating show. But many think the coding should be scrapped and the islanders should say it how it is.

“Can we get rid of these manicure salon euphemisms? You’re all old enough to say what happened. Alluding to it doesn’t make it any less sexual,” reacted a viewer.

One simply asked: “What is the #manicure thang???”


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