Inside Maurissa Gunn's weight loss - Bachelor in Paradise star shocks fans

Inside Maurissa Gunn's weight loss - Bachelor in Paradise star shocks fans

Maurissa Gunn joins the line-up of Bachelor in Paradise stars on the search for love, and fans couldn’t help but notice her weight loss.

With the ABC dating series well underway, Maurissa has been seen going on a steamy date with Riley Christian and getting into bed with him.

Amongst being won over by him, some fans have realised that Maurissa looks significantly different to her usual appearance.

Many claim that she has lost weight, so Reality Titbit explored her older pictures to see her transformation up close and over time.

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Bachelor in Paradise | Trailer 2021

Bachelor in Paradise | Trailer 2021

Maurissa Gunn opens up about weight loss

During her time as a The Bachelor season 24 contestant, Maurissa made sure to speak about her body image struggles in her introduction.

She told Women’s Health:

TV always projects a particular image of what the perfect woman should look like, but I wanted everyone to know that it’s not about the size you are. It’s about being happy with where you’re at.

Eighty pounds down, Maurissa revealed in the January 2020 interview that she is at the happiest point in her life, since finding a healthy balance.

Bachelor in Paradise: Maurissa’s weight loss

Maurissa spoke about emotional weight gain on the August 24th episode of BIP, which was praised by viewers on social media.

At the start of 2020, she revealed that she gained 80 pounds, and then lost the weight, after pageants destroyed her self image.

While competing in Miss Teen USA, she said she was “just so set on losing all the weight and getting skinny that she didn’t do it in a healthy way”.

Maurissa told Women’s Health that she developed an eating disorder which involved restricting calories and over-exercising.

She has since found a happy medium and is focused on what she enjoys, hitting the gym three to five times per week.

Maurissa Gunn: Before and after pics

Before and after weight loss, Maurissa has been loved by fans all over her Instagram page, and recently appears to be posting pics in glam dresses.

Since as far back as January 2020, the Bachelor in Paradise star has been sharing her fitness journey, and has been passionate about working out.

Followers told her that she looked beautiful before she lost weight, and continue to think she is a stunner since her transformation.

In 2017, Maurissa shared a ‘before and after’ picture of how she looked before losing weight, which led to lots of praise from her fans.



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