With Love Island 2019 just around the corner, fans are getting twitchy fingers when it comes to the Apple app store.

The success of the previous ITV series went hand-in-hand with the release of the first-ever Love Island mobile game, which had besotted fans spending endless nights trying to seduce Jake and murder Allegra in her sleep.

Here’s everything you need to know about a Love Island game season 2 as we sat down with the producers at fuseboxgames.


Will there be another Love Island game?


Michael Othen, Creative Director at Fusebox Games, confirmed to Reality Titbit that there will 100% be another Love Island game season 2.

Love Island game - Fusebox Games
Love Island game – Fusebox Games

Love Island game season 2: Release date!

Unconfirmed… but coming soon.

Michael explained that the new game will launch around the same time as the ITV Love Island series, so sometime around Monday, June 3rd.

Until then, you can still download the current Love Island game right now on iOS and Android.

What’s new? Will you be able to start as a boy?

At the moment, the Love Island game developers don’t want to give too much away.

However, Michael’s comments made it sound like the option of starting as a boy was unlikely.

However, the creative director is adamant that this shouldn’t put men off from playing the game.

Michael said:

We wanted one really good storyline and narrative, so we had to focus on the one female character. We aren’t trying to exclude male players at all, and we genuinely hope that they can still enjoy the game playing as a female. Just as they would playing Tomb Raider as Lara Croft, for instance.

Other new features!

Michael said that season 2 will be bigger and better than the last season, featuring even more storylines and episodes.

With 13 episodes in the initial season 1 game, this year is likely to take even longer to complete.

Michael said:

We want to have a longer storyline so people can continue playing. We plan on giving people more ways to earn free gems, too.


The Baby Episode?

Perhaps the most exciting aspect about the Love Island game season 2 is the potential for storlines that directly link to the show.

Michael explained that Love Island always has certain storylines, such as Casa Amor, meeting the parents and the baby episode.

These could feature on season 2 of the game – Michael said:

There were certain mechanics from the Love Island show that we weren’t able to bring into the Love Island game, but hopefully we can do that next time around. The baby episode for example…

Screen shot: Jon and Hannah Love Island baby challenge, Love Island, ITV2, series 2, episode 40
Screen Shot: Jon and Hannah Love Island baby challenge, Love Island, ITV2, series 2, episode 40

DOWNLOAD the game at fuseboxgames.com/loveisland/

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