Is butter good for your mind? 90 Day Fiance star Mike's mom 'educates' fans!

Is butter good for your mind? 90 Day Fiance star Mike's mom 'educates' fans!

Fans of 90 Day Fiance took to their search browsers after Mike’s mom announced that “butter is good for your mind”. So is it actually true?

It comes as Natalie and Mike’s love story is captured for the TLC dating show, which follows relationships affected by international borders.

In the latest episode, Twitter users were flowing with reactions to Mike’s mom’s statement, which revealed that butter is good for the brain.

So is the 90 Day Fiance star’s statement true? What do fans have to say?

What did Mike’s mom say?

Mike and his now-wife met up with his mom Trish for dinner in the last episode, which was Natalia’s first time meeting her.

During the dinner, she reveals that “butter is really good for your mind”, before putting an emphasis on “real butter” in particular.

When the producer asks Trish how it is good for your mind, she goes on to say that it helps with your memory.

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Viewers react to butter statement

Fans watching 90 Day Fiance were clearly shocked by Trish’s belief that butter is good for your mind.

After a brief scroll on Twitter, it’s clear to see that the majority of them are choosing to believe her, while others have disagreed.

One fan said they can see a “cooking show in Mike’s mom’s future”!

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Is butter good for your mind?

  • To an extent, yes

Butter is known to have saturated fats in it, which is the most likely ingredient which could make it good for your mind.

According to The Health Improvement Centre, there is significant research into the benefits of saturated fat and reduction of Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia and age-related cognitive decline.

So, when Trish said it helps with memory, she had a point.

However, researchers have found that saturated fat, found in foods like red meat and butter, may be especially harmful to your brain, according to Harvard Health Publishing.



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