Fans have followed Julia and Brandon’s relationship on 90 Day Fiance for a while – and an upcoming clip hints that she may be pregnant.

Participants who allow TLC’s cameras to get an insight into their romances show us what it’s like to date someone living across the border.

Julia and Brandon are one couple who have faced several trials throughout their relationship, and now it looks like they might have a baby on the way.

So is Julia pregnant? Are the couple really expecting a child? Find out here…

Julia and Brandon (TLC YouTube)

Why do people think Julia could be pregnant?

The trailer also revealed that Brandon Gibbs “isn’t into condoms”, while Julia “isn’t too big on birth control”.

It was featured at the end of the show’s Sunday February 14th episode.

The news comes while Julia and Brandon live together at his home, where his parents aren’t letting them sleeping in the same room.

Fans react to Julia’s positive pregnancy test

Although many were clearly disappointed that Brandon and Julia didn’t feature on the latest episode, next week’s episode clip shocked them.

Some thought that it was likely to happen at some point, but most seem to be concerned about how Brandon’s strict parents will react.

One viewer wrote: “So, will the next episode be dedicated to Brandon & Julia’s pregnancy fiasco? Cause I need to know how much alcohol to have on hand when those parents go off the rails #90dayfiance.”

Is Julia on 90 Day Fiance pregnant?

Julia addressed the pregnancy rumours during an Instagram Q&A.

She said: “And I already have 25 same questions about pregnant I or not. And I guess soon have an episode about this and you guys know everything”, as reported by Screenrant.

Since then, Julia seems to have removed her Instagram account.

However, there is one theory that she isn’t currently pregnant – as she definitely doesn’t appear to be in this Cameo video!

Others think that she could have already given birth, as the current season of 90 Day Fiance was filmed over a year ago, or believe that she was pregnant before the show started.



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