Kane Lim, who said he wanted to “break traditions”, plays a key role on Netflix’s Bling Empire. So is he gay? We looked into his love life…

He is amongst a group of wealthy Asians who reside in Los Angeles, who have been filmed to create Netflix’s latest reality TV series.

When it comes to love, we follow Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray’s relationship, as well as doctors Christine and Gabriel Chiu’s marriage.

So, is Kane gay? What’s his love life like?

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Fans question Kane Lim’s sexuality

Viewers have automatically assumed that Kane, 31, is gay, and went on to label him as the “gay bestie” that holds the series together.

Aside from his sexuality, it looks like he is a firm favourite on the series, with many saying they love him and co-star Kevin’s friendship.

One fan wrote: “The way Kane and Florent immediately looked to one another as soon as they saw the hot yoga instructor, omg, that solidarity is iconic #BlingEmpire.”

Is Kane Lim gay?

  • Yes

If his immediate reaction to the male yoga instructor taking his top off was anything to go by, it appears that Kane could be gay or bisexual.

Kane said Cherie Chan inspired him to “break traditions and live your life”, adding: “The kid in me, it’s like, you don’t want to disappoint your parents.”

He also asked co-star Florent for his number on Bling Empire, before adding in the confessional “maybe it’s time to start a new relationship”.

Florent was then heard saying he was single and available, which insinuated that him and Kane could have a romance brewing.

Is Kane Lim in a relationship?

  • No

After a scroll through Kane’s Instagram feed, there haven’t been any signs of a partner on the cards.

It is not known if anything else happened after Florent gave Kane his number – but judging by his social media, he has remained single.

It could just mean that he prefers to keep his romantic life private, however there has been no confirmation of a relationship.

There are also no pictures of Kane on Florent’s Instagram profile.



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