The Love Island Australia villa is heating up with gossip, couples and friendships. Since it aired, viewers have wondered if it is pre-recorded.

We were left with a hole in our hearts – and evenings – when the previous season of LIA came to a close, but our faith has now been restored.

When singletons walked into the villa hoping to find their match, viewers were trying to figure out if the show is live, or recorded ahead of air time.

Reality Titbit can reveal how it all works, so that we can find out whether it’s a Big Brother live vibe or if producers spend lots of time editing.

Fans question if Love Island is live

Since the latest season of Love Island Australia began airing on October 11th, viewers have been unsure if it is aired live or pre-recorded.

Looking through Twitter, it is clear that several have already made up their mind about whether it is aired while being caught on camera.

One fan said: “So Taku promo video is him playing rugby and side step palming off a woman trying to tackle him.

“Lucky this season isn’t live and the public isn’t voting because he wouldn’t be getting the feminist vote #LoveIslandAU.”

Another wrote: “So annoyed to find out @LoveIslandAU is only on Mon – Thurs, what about the other 3 days of the week.

“how can we be voting on a ‘live show’ when its filmed nowhere near in time with how we watch it #LoveIslandAU.”

Is Love Island Aus pre-recorded?

Yes, but each episode is only filmed a couple of days before it airs.

This means that Love Island Australia is not pre-recorded, however the votes are accounted for on a live basis.

When it is announced that the live votes have began, this means that viewers can try to keep in their favorites within real time.

The Love Island Australia: Afterparty, however, is actually live.

What days does Love Island Aus air?

Love Island Australia airs every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening at 8.45pm, after The Block.

This means that Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are quite empty…

The fact that the Channel 9 show only airs for four days a week has confused fans, as some did not understand how they were ‘live voting’.

However, the votes are counted in real time rather than only when the show is being aired, such as overnight once the episode has ended.



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