Is Love Island scripted? It’s a question that many fans have been asking following a drama-packed series four.

While we can speculate what happens on the ITV2 series, it’s difficult to get a full picture of what goes on behind the scenes.

Until now!

Series three star Theo Campbell spoke to Realitytitbit about what really happens inside the Love Island villa…

Everybody feels like Love Island 2018 has been more scripted than series three.

What was it like during your time in the villa, was anything scripted?

“Nah, nothing is ever scripted.

“But producers do try and push certain people together.

“They don’t come in and order for things to happen, but they do push certain agendas.

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Kazimir Crossley and Josh Denzel kiss…

So in this year’s series, what do you think producers pushed?

“So for example with Megan (Barton-Hanson) and Wes (Nelson), producers would have been whispering in Megan’s ear, telling her to keep her options open.

“While Wes was in Casa Amor there would have been people telling Megan to get to know the others.

“Then on the other side, producers would have been saying the opposite to Wes. They’d be sort of saying to him ‘what about Meg’, ‘wouldn’t you rather hold out for her?”

“There’s no scripting as such, producers just manipulate things to make it a better viewing.”

What about scripting lines? Do they force words into peoples mouths?

“Nah, that’s just stupid.

“Certainly in series three, every word we said came out of our own mouths.

And if they’ve been feeding these people things to say, producers aren’t doing a very good job!”

So when you were in series 3, what were you manipulated into doing?

“All they really did was to push the agenda with Tyler (Carr).

“When I thought it wasn’t going to happen between me and Tyla, they basically said have another crack at it.

“It was like a gentle reminder, they said ‘this is Love Island, you’re not here to be mates with her'”.

What have you made of series 3, and could you be tempted into a Love Island return?

“I think they lined it up so that more people weren’t a match, which has resulted in so many recouplings.

“Nah, I’m living my life in Bath right now, hitting the gym and that’s about it.

If I came in though, I’d be aiming for Georgia Steel. I might have a bash at Megan too, but that would just be for fun.”

Theo Campbell may not be about hit Love Island 2018 like a smooth-talking tornado, but we can still dream.

Bring back, Theo!



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