Bachelor in Paradise‘s episode 14 featured possibly the most bizarre fight in reality television’s history on whether ‘itching’ is a low-level pain.

Bachelor Nation fans were rooting for Aaron and Genevieve when season 8 started. But soon, the couple’s relationship became toxic and fans’ opinions changed.

The pair have been fighting quite a lot in the past few episodes but their most recent altercation on episode 14 has left fans flabbergasted. The two argued over whether ‘itching is low-level pain.’ Their fight confused many fans and several viewers took to google to find out if itching is in fact low-level pain.

Aaron and Genevieve fight over whether ‘itching is low-level pain’

Aaron and Genevieve have been driving each other crazy over the past few episodes. Previously, in episode 11, a fight made the latter pack her bags to leave Paradise.

Now, their fight in the recent episode once again inspired Genevieve to pack up and leave. But, it’s the topic of their fight that has many Bachelor Nation fans flummoxed.

The fight between the paradise couple started when Genevieve told Aaron that she was feeling impatient and annoyed.

Aaron compared his lady love’s annoyance to feeling stressed, but Genevieve told him “stressed” and “annoyed” are two separate things.

Aaron strongly disagreed and said: “That’s like saying itching and pain are different.”

Genevieve screeched saying “IT’S DIFFERENT!” Their back and forth over whether itching is low-level pain started and both Bachelor In Paradise cast and fans were left scratching their heads.

The two argued over the topic for far too long. There was screaming and swearing too, and we must say, the argument caused the couple more than just low-level pain.

Throughout the fight, Aaron kept repeating “itching is low-level pain” and Genevieve started packing. She admitted “I cannot see a life outside with him. I would not be happy.”

For those wondering if itching is indeed low-level pain, if you search the phrase on Google, the first thing that pops up is an article by Scientific American titled “An Itch Is Not a Low-Level Form of Pain.”

The article says that while itching was once thought to be a low grade of pain, it is not anymore. Itching is instead a distinct sensation with a separate neural circuit.

Did Genevieve and Aaron break up after “itching” fight?

As Genevieve started packing and was seen waiting for the car after her fight with Aaron, he approached her to talk it out.

The account executive stressed once again that, “It is scientifically proven itching is low-level pain.” However, he later apologized for his behavior too.

“I’ve tried to give you sweet love. I’ve tried to give you tough love…and I know when you’re not emotional you are very sweet and very nurturing and there’s a reason I fell in love with you. But when you’re emotional it just takes over everything,” he tells Genevieve.

Much to many fans’ dismay, Genevieve decides to give Aaron another chance.

Fans react to the “itching” fight on Bachelor In Paradise

Fans took to Twitter to have their say on Aaron and Genevieve’s latest fight.

“Rest of the world is now wondering why the US is searching on “Is itching low-level pain?” one fan said.

“What even is this argument? Itching is low-level pain?? a second fan wrote.



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