Love and Hip Hop has been documenting Booby and Cyn‘s love story. He called her “special” on the Valentine’s Day 2022 episode, but the reality is that it’s not all romance between them post-filming.

The VH1 Family Reunion series has followed the duo as they get to know each other romantically. She warned him on the February 14th episode about what he’s getting himself in for, with him admitting he likes “crazy”.

Fans may be left wondering whether they made it official in real life, but the truth is that they didn’t appear to have the happy ending everyone hopes for. We’ve got the lowdown on the TV pair.

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Booby and Cyn’s romance

Booby and Cyn have sparked dating rumors ever since filming for VH1 Family Edition Season 2 began. Then in the recent Valentine’s Day episode, he said she was “special” and that he doesn’t mind she is “crazy”.

Cyn warned him about “what he’s getting himself in for”, which comes after weeks of getting to know each other. She first revealed that they had never properly met other than on social media, describing him as a “beautiful man”.

He told cameras that he is currently in the process of trying to add love to his business and career, after reminding Cyn that if it wasn’t for the reunion, he wouldn’t be able to spend as much time with her.

The intimacy between the pair only grew throughout the season, which included him telling her that it wouldn’t work if she was going to friendzone him, and sharing a close hug.

Are Booby and Cyn still together?

No, Booby and Cyn don’t appear to be in a relationship. He has been leaving comments on his exes’ Instagram profile instead, who happens to have the same name, but spelt as ‘Sinfony’.

A photo from a week ago saw Booby comment a ring emoji on Sin’s page with the words: “Mi amor.” Fans also claimed they spotted Booby celebrating her birthday with her, and appears to have gotten back with her.

Cyn, however, looks single on her Instagram profile, and does not appear to have moved on. So it didn’t pan out romantically for the pair, despite hundreds of viewers urging them to get together.

Despite this, the former NBA player hasn’t stopped sharing previews of Family Reunion, which clearly show both him and Cyn having a romantic connection. Cyn, however, hasn’t shared any teaser clips.

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VH1 viewers ship the LAHH pair

All over Booby’s IG comments shows fans urging him to make it official with Cyn. Just a week ago before the recent episode, a fan commented: “You and Cyn look so good together, make it official.”

Another wrote: “Please get with CYN. Oh my god. Best couple ever!!!!!” Since Season 2 aired, many fans noticed that Booby appears to be attracted to women belonging to the Libra horoscope.

Booby do like Libras lol Keyshia Cole, Brooke Valentine, and Cyn Santana are all libras #LHHFamReunion“, said a fan. Since January 2022, the majority of viewers said they were totally here for their romance.



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