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What is Jack Barlow's net worth? Love Island star's racing career explored!

Jack Barlow is one of the newbies entering the Love Island villa for the Casa Amor twist. He’s a racing driver, so we explored his net worth.

From revving it up on tracks to attempting to turn heads, racing driver Jack is hoping to mix things up in the villa from July 26th.

The sportsman has said he will take the “gentlemanly” approach when it comes to trying to couple up with the girl he has eyes on.

From his racing driver career to being a coach, Jack is pretty experienced in the car, but what about when it comes to girls? Net worth incoming…

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Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

What does Jack Barlow do for a living?

  • He is a professional racing driver and coach

Jack often travels the world for his successful career. It all started in 2007, as a fun hobby to do with his father.

He then went on to compete in club-level championships before moving into a national series for the first time in 2008 – BRDC’s Stars of Tomorrow.

Some of the karts the new Islander has raced in include a Mygale F4, Mygale M12-SJ, MSV F4-013, and Intrepid (TM).

Oh, not to mention that he also drives Ferraris and McLaren’s!

His race win percentage is currently at 4.4%, according to Driver Database.

Jack had an injury at Thruxton, which involved a compression fracture on my T9 vertebrae. He was airlifted to Southampton Trauma Centre.

Jack from Love Island: Racing career

The 26-year-old has entered 45 races as a racing driver and coach.

In 2009, Jack came first in the MSA Kartmasters Grand Prix – Rotax Mini Max, and Formula Kart Stars – Mini Max in the same year.

He also raced to the finish line first in 2011, during the Super 1 National Rotax Max Junior and Kartmasters British Grand Prix – Rotax Junior.

Jack has also won three major titles, including: Junior Rotax Super One Championship, Kartmasters Grand Prix and the Rotax Cup.

The Islander was professionally driving at British Formula 4, representing MBM Motorsport, and had done since 2015.

He also drove for Sean Walkinshaw Racing in 2013, at the BRDC British Formula 3 Championship.

Jack is now a MSA Formula Championship driver, and coach.

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What is Jack Barlow’s net worth?

  • Although Jack’s net worth is unconfirmed, Reality Titbit has estimated that he earns around $40,904 per year

This comes from looking at average statistics for a professional racing driver, but it is likely to differ for each person in the industry.

According to The Sun, he is “absolutely loaded”. Jack has scuba-dived on the Great Barrier Reef and visited Gili Islands in Indonesia.

Racer David Coulthard just makes it onto the list of the 20th top drivers with an $80 million net worth, so Jack would be worth significantly less.

Registration to the F4 British Championship costs £2,500 and a full year’s entry to all races an additional £11,000, so Jack must have a decent income!

It is thought that only F1 drivers make a living off racing, so it is likely that his coaching career brings him a secure income.

He is also an instructor on the Mercedes Benz AMG Training Experience, which can cost up to £645!



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