Jacques leaving the villa came as a shock for many Love Island viewers, especially as things were getting back on track with Paige… until Adam Collard walked in as the latest bombshell. So, just why did he make his exit?

Previous seasons have seen teary islanders make the dramatic decision to leave, from Amy’s shock walk-out after Curtis laid out how he feels about their connection, to Liberty realising her bond with Jake wasn’t as real as she thought.

This time, Jacques is following in Liam Llewellyn’s footsteps after realising he “wasn’t being himself” in the villa. He became besties with ex Gemma Owen‘s new beau Luca Bish and made a connection with Paige, but now it’s goodbye.

From Lifted Entertainment Love Island: SR8: Ep37 on ITV2 and ITV Hub Pictured: Jacques leaves the villa. This photograph is (C) ITV Plc and can …

Why is Jacques leaving Love Island?

Jacques revealed that his decision to leave was down to “not being himself” and is now putting his mental health first. His exit comes after Adam Collard appeared to be getting along well with Paige, who he was coupled up with.

He gathered the other islanders – who were already teary before he made the announcement – round the firepit, to tell them that he is “not a fake person who is not going to start faking things” and that “things inside aren’t okay”.

The rugby player got choked up and revealed he would be leaving that day, before adding: “I just can’t stick around and not be myself. It’s not fair to me and it’s definitely not fair to Paige. For me and Paige to work, I need to be myself.”

Will Paige leave the villa?

No, Paige has not made any confirmations that she will leave the villa. She told Jacques that she “supports everything he’s doing” but did have viewers thinking she could exit when she told him she feels “guilty”.

Jacques reassured her by saying that she shouldn’t feel guilty by choosing to stay. He also told the other islanders that he would be waiting for Paige when she leaves the villa after saying he needs to remove himself from the situation.

Paige was clearly upset about his departure, with Jacques saying he’ll wait for her, while Adam Collard asked the other girls for reassurance about whether Jacques leaving was because of him. They told him it wasn’t.

Jacques’ decision to leave was his own

Many viewers have asked whether Jacques was asked to leave after some drama escalated in the villa. He was led to think that Adam had been talking about him behind his back, which led to some tense chats between islanders.

Jacques is seen heading for a chat with Paige Thorne. It came after Gemma Owen told Jacques: “He [Adam] has been proper slagging you off.” He then confronts Paige with the information and asks if it’s true.

He slams the former Love Islander – who caused a stir in the villa in 2018. Jacques is heard saying: “Who the f*** is he? He’s just another geezer who’s already been on the show. He’s f****** nothing mate.”

A Love Island spokesperson said: “Jacques made the decision to leave the villa. He will explain his reasons to Islanders during tonight’s [July 12th] episode. We fully support his decision and look forward to seeing what’s next for Jacques.”

From Lifted Entertainment Love Island: SR8: Ep37 on ITV2 and ITV Hub Pictured: Jacques and Paige say goodbye. This photograph is (C) ITV Plc and…


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