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Are James and Anna from Bachelor in Paradise dating now?

Anna Redman and James Bonsall have suddenly began hitting it off, despite James being given a rose by Tia just before the finale.

ABC viewers are now wondering whether their romance blossomed into anything further since filming for Bachelor in Paradise.

The sudden romance seen between them was not expected by fans, who have watched James and Tia Booth hit it off for a while.

And they aren’t the first rumored as still dating since the show.

Reality Titbit looked into what happened between James and Tia, and done some digging to find out whether they are still dating now.

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Bachelor in Paradise | Trailer 2021

Bachelor in Paradise | Trailer 2021

James and Anna: What happened?

When Anna arrived at the beach, James accepted the date card she offered.

Just one day after Tia gave James a rose, Anna asked him if he wanted to go on a date, which led to them going to an exotic spa.

The pair were instructed to cover themselves in cinnamon sugar and chocolate, which Anna compared to being a “human churro”.

James and Anna were then spotted kissing in a pool afterwards.

BIP viewers react to James and Anna

Looking through social media, it is clear that most are shocked about how James and Anna are suddenly getting along so well.

A few are even attributing them to the likes of Brendan and Pieper, who left the show once she arrived, despite him getting to know Natasha.

One confused viewer said: “Anna talking about James like she didn’t just meet him yesterday?”

Another wrote: “JAMES: I feel like I have a a strong connection with Tia. PRODUCERS: Okay, now send in Anna.”

And others are clearly recognising how much James appears to fancy Anna.

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Are James and Anna still dating?

Although unconfirmed, most viewers think James and Anna will end up together, with many saying they look cute as a couple.

According to Reality Steve, Tia Booth left the show single. However – *spoiler* James and Anna are not thought to be in the final three couples.

This hints they could stay together and leave the show during the finale.

Looking through their Instagram profiles, there are no pictures posted with each other, but it’s likely they wouldn’t be allowed to before the finale.

When the episode of him going on a date with Anna aired, a friend of James posted an Instagram story of them eating out to “cheer him up”.

This suggests perhaps they aren’t together anymore and that he cannot bare to relive the episode, but we will see how their romance plays out!



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