When Jordan North appeared alongside contestant Jess on ITV show Game of Talents, fans had high hopes for them. Their bond seemed so strong that viewers thought they would end up getting married…

Jordan runs the ‘Help I S*xted My Boss’ podcast alongside etiquette coach William Hanson. When the friendship duo appeared on This Morning on May 6th 2022, many had questions about what’s going on in the radio host’s love life.

So, where is the contestant today and is Jordan actually getting wed anytime soon? Plus, what happened to Jess? We’ve got all the details on their friendship.

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Who is Jess on Game of Talents?

Jessica Emily Hickey was Jordan’s partner on Game of Talents, but many thought they should get married when they paired up for the show. Although they didn’t to win the episode, their bond became the focus of the April 2021 series.

After some research in 2022, Reality Titbit discovered that she is now a TikTok star with 750K followers who continues to follow Jordan on Instagram. He also follows her back on the social media platform!

She often works in TV and isn’t a stranger to the cameras. Jess attended the Brit Awards and the premiere for series Witcher on Netflix, which is mainly due to being invited as a content creator.

Fans hope for ‘Jordan and Jess’ romance

Although Jordan and Jess appeared to get along well on Game of Talents, there are no suggestions of them hanging out since the show. However, he still has the picture of them together on his Instagram.

Since the game show episode, many fans have asked him where Jess is when posting photos with friends. One of her followers commented on a pic of the duo with: “Anybody else watch this and think they would make a mega couple?!!”

Another wrote: “Jordan and Jess would look nice as a couple, anyone else agree?”

“If any two people should be together!!! The chemistry & you get on so well !!!! J&J”, commented a viewer.

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Is Jordan North getting married?

Despite many rumors that Jordan is getting married, none of them are true. When he appeared on This Morning talking about stag dos alongside William Hanson, before posting on his story that they are off to Dublin, fans were confused.

When viewers saw Jordan and William sitting next to each other on the ITV chat show, they were left asking questions about the stag do, but the truth is that Mr. Hanson is the guy who is planning to marry husband-to-be Mikey Worrall.

Jordan and William have been best friends for years. When Jordan was told the news about William’s engagement, he quickly got off his chair and gave him a big hug, before telling him: “I’m so happy for you!”


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