Siesta Key: Are Juliette and Sam still together? 2021 post-filming update!

Juliette and Sam’s bond has been closely followed throughout MTV’s Siesta Key, but they recently noticed some cracks in their relationship.

As the cast get used to island life on season four, there’s a whole host of drama happening, from arguments and gossip, to new romances.

In the latest episode (June 23rd), Juliette tells her friends that she reckons because Sam is nice to everyone, Jordana may think he’s flirting back.

Sam is then seen telling Jordana to stop flirting with him. Fast forward to post-filming times below, to see where their relationship went from there.

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Screenshot: Juliette and Sam’s Relationship Timeline | Siesta Key, MTV Reality YouTube

Juliette and Sam face relationship drama

Since going to the island, Juliette has not been happy with Jordana, after she said she really wanted to make out with Sam.

Although she said Jordana has always been a “flirty person”, Juliette told Sam that he needed to tell her to start respecting them.

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She told Sam:

I want you to tell her to her face, “I don’t like you, I don’t find you attractive”.

He then approaches Jordana, and tells her that she has become flirty, adding that he doesn’t want it to cause any issues to his relationship.

Juliette and Sam: Relationship timeline

The now-couple started off just being friends, and have known each other for several years.

Juliette did admit that she had a “huge crush on Sam”, a couple of years before they started to take things further.

They began to get closer, following a bit of a love triangle taking place between Juliette, their co-star Alex and Sam.

Sam and Juliette started going out often, with him taking her out for dinner as the official first date they went on.

First agreeing that they would be honest and open with each other, and “seeing where it goes”, it didn’t take long for things to go further.

The couple have now been together since around February 2020, when they began sharing regular pictures of them travelling and going on adventures.

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Are Juliette and Sam still together?

  • Yes, they are still officially a couple

Despite falling out in August 2020, Juliette and Sam are still as happy and loved up as ever in June 2021.

Some fans have predicted that they may not stay together, but it looks like the couple are proving them wrong.

Although they have faced ups and downs, as seen on Siesta Key, they continue to share romantic photos of them looking cosy.

Just two weeks ago, Sam shared a picture of them chilling at Spanish Wells North Side Beach, where they enjoyed the sun.



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