The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived: Love Island season 2 is here!

The hit reality dating show hit stateside in 2019, airing on CBS and winning plenty of fans. Now, the show has returned for its second season on Monday, August 24th. This time around, we’re meeting a bunch of post-lockdown singletons who have been waiting to date for months. We’re sure they’re going to waste no time with getting down to business!

One of the fan-favourites off the bat is Justine Ndiba, who has already roped in hundreds of fans online.

But one thing Love Island fans are curious to know about Justine is her heritage. Find out about Justine Ndiba’s nationality and family background here.

Justine Ndiba
Justine Ndiba

Justine talks African heritage

In her Love Island introduction in episode 1 (Monday, August 24th), Justine talks about her African parentage.

Justine says in her introduction: “We’re a religious African family so we’re loud as hell.”

Justine and her family now live in Rockaway, New Jersey. The 27-year-old currently works as a billings coordinator but also is a go-go dancer on the weekends – a fact she says her parents will not know about until they watch the show!

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Justine Ndiba: Nationality

Justine was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but the Ndiba family moved to the United States in 2001, when Justine was just 8 years old.

Justine has Kenya and Congolese heritage, but also grew up in Rwanda.

According to The Cinemaholic, Justine was a survivor of the Rwandan Genocide. From April to July 1994, a Civil War erupted in Rwanda, with Hutu extremists slaughtering Tutsi, Twa, and moderate Hutu.

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Meet Justine Ndiba’s family

Justine has five siblings who she is incredibly close with. Justine often posts pictures with her older brother Jared, and her sisters Noella and Colette. It is unknown what Justine’s other two siblings are called.

Justine has yet to reveal much about her family on Love Island, however we do know that they are very religious. She has said she will need someone sharing her same Christian values to be the right man for her.



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