Kaila Troy's OnlyFans income revealed - Love Island DJ has big following!

DJ Kaila Troy has recently entered the Casa Amor villa, hoping to turn the lad’s heads -and she is known for her public OnlyFans account.

From July 26th, we saw Kaila play Truth or Dare with her fellow Islanders, and get to know them – the ultimate test to see if the men stay loyal or not.

While music is the new Love Island star’s main career, ITV2 viewers are now discussing that she has a large following on video site OnlyFans.

From her income, to what Kaila actually posts on the content subscription service, we discovered what all her fans are gossiping about.

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Meet Your 2021 Islanders! | Love Island

Kaila Troy on OnlyFans

Kaila has almost half a million followers on OnlyFans – 408.5K to be exact.

The new Islander reveals that she uses it to sell her music, rather than post nude pictures of herself, like some other users.

She went on to explain that she made an account, because clubs and venues had shut down as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Kaila said that there are currently comedians, make-up artists and fitness influencers using the platform.

The DJ has 499 posts, with a profile picture and header of her in bikinis. Users would have to subscribe if they wish to see her content.

In her bio, Kaila claims to be the co-founder of @onlyfansfriday, a monthly content series which presents DJs and music sets.

How much does Kaila make on OnlyFans?

  • Kaila revealed she made $300 in the first two days of having a page

We worked out that, if she continued to make this same amount since the beginning of 2020, she would have at least £54,600!

This is aside from her reported net worth of $500,000 to $1 million, which she makes from her career as a music DJ.

It is also thought that contestants going into Love Island get £250 a week.

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Kaila talks about OnlyFans page

After fans uncovered her OnlyFans page, Kaila set them straight, and claimed she is not using it to post any nude content.

As reported by the Irish Mirror, Kaila said: “It’s crazy because my friend told me about this platform a while ago.”

She continued:

It’s this platform that allows people to monetise the content they’re posting on Instagram. I kind of looked into creating a profile and then I got side-tracked. Then, the pandemic hit and I decided to join.

“After two days, there was already $300 in my account”, she claimed.

“I don’t know about what other females are doing on Only Fans. I’m just doing what I do. It doesn’t have to be [the pornographic content that people post]. Whatever they want to do, I’m not doing that.”



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