Kayla Penoli joins the line-up of ladies hoping to impress Vinny Guadagnino, who is looking for the one on Double Shot at Love.

Now that Pauly D has found love with Nikki, it’s down to reality star Vinny to have his turn, and is on the search for ultimate match.

Viewers have been tuning into the MTV show to see who wins over Vinny, and Kayla seems to be one cast member getting closer to him.

Reality Titbit has found her on Instagram, and had a dig to find out if anything further blossomed between her and Vinny.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (Season 4) Supertease | MTV

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (Season 4) Supertease | MTV

Who is Kayla Penoli?

Kayla is a beauty business owner and patient care coordinator.

She owns Kosmetics by Kayla, which offers facials, lip blushing, tooth gems, lip products and false eyelashes.

The Double Shot at Love contestant, who grew up in Santa Rosa, California, is well-known on video platform TikTok, where she has 21.K followers.

She is a strong believer in karma, and thinks that what she gives out to the universe is what she gets back.

Kayla revealed on the show that her mom had her at the aged of 19 through a sperm donor, and that she grew up sleeping in the car.

Kayla Penoli and Vinny Guadagnino

Kayla has been open with Vinny by telling him about how her childhood was, and he made her instantly feel comfortable.

Vinny also comforted her by saying he feels she understands the process.

They have also shared a kiss together during a date, where Vinny told her he wanted to hang out and chat with her.

Vinny revealed in a confessional:

As I see Kayla in front of me, I’m like alright, I still got Kayla here, the one I want to get to know more, the one that I have a connection with.

So far, there are no snippets of her and Vinny except from promo taken from the show, but neither of them follow each other at the moment.

This suggests that perhaps nothing happened between them… but it is likely they are keeping schtum due to MTV contracts!

Meet Kayla Penoli on Instagram

Kayla said that she has “built a beautiful life for herself” on the show, which is clearly highlighted on her Instagram page.

She often travels around California, and appears to live a lavish lifestyle in an incredible home and going out to places like Nobu.

With 9.1K followers, she tends to stick to classic selfies and occasional shots with her friends – such as the Double Shot at Love cast!

And of course, she promotes her own business in her bio, as well as being on season three of the MTV show.



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