Meet Baewatch stars Kayleigh and Andy - are they still together?

It was one of E4’s most popular dating series when it aired last year, and now the rest of the world gets to enjoy it. 

Baewatch: Parental Guidance proves the ultimate test for young couples. The show follows loved-up pairs on a romantic all-expenses paid holiday to Antalya in Turkey. While there, they do not know that their family members have also been flown out to spy on them and see what their relationships are really like.

The E4 series launched to Netflix US in August 2020 and has roped in plenty of new fans.

One couple which has caught everyone’s attention – as they did when the show originally aired in 2019 – is Kayleigh and Andy. So, we’ve done some digging to find out more about Kayleigh and Andy, and more on where they are now. Find out about the Baewatch couple here!

Pictured: Andy and Kayleigh

Meet Kayleigh and Andy

Kayleigh Foster is a 25-year-old model who starred on Baewatch last year. At the time of filming, Kayleigh was dating 27-year-old personal trainer Andy.

Andy is the founder of Healthy Hedley, a fitness app which combines dietary guidance and exercise plans. You can find more about Andy’s business here.


We found Kayleigh on Instagram under the handle @kayleighlf and found Andy under his business account @healthyhedley.

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Kayleigh and Andy on Baewatch

Jetting off on their first trip away as a couple, the pair run into a few awkward moments (like Kayleigh’s grandmother finding a sex toy in Andy’s suitcase).

But despite all of the embarrassment, Kayleigh and Andy were actually one of the Baewatch couples who made it through to the other side. As of April 2019, the couple had travelled to Australia together. They were living, working, and totally loved up on the other side of the world.

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Are Kayleigh and Andy still together?


Both Andy and Kayleigh have now set their Instagram profiles to private, but when the show aired last year, they were keen to post plenty of couple pics of how loved up they were. The couple have now taken to Twitter to share these cute images.

From Andy’s Instagram bio we can see that he is still based in Sydney, Australia. Kayleigh has a Star Now profile based in Newcastle, England which suggests that she has moved back home. But, they were in a long-distanced relationship when we were introduced to them in episode 1, so who knows, they could be doing the Newcastle to Sydney distance now!




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