Did Kelsey from Bachelor in Paradise get a nose job? Surgery rumors swirl

Did Kelsey from Bachelor in Paradise get a nose job? Surgery rumors swirl

Rumors about Kelsey Weier, who is currently starring on ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise, are swirling, as fans think she had a nose job.

As several contestants line-up in hopes of love on the spin-off sunny beach location, viewers have been paying attention to their appearances.

One Bachelor alumni joining them this year is Kelsey, who has now come under speculation for possibly having a nose job.

Reality Titbit explored the truth about whether she has actually gone under the knife or not, and analysed what those nose job rumors are saying.

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Bigger, Bolder & Sexier Than Ever! | Preview Trailer | Bachelor In Paradise

Viewers think Kelsey Weier had a nose job

When the launch episode of Bachelor in Paradise launched, it wasn’t long before fans began paying attention to Kelsey’s new appearance.

Some didn’t even question whether she got surgery or not, and assumed she that she probably had gotten cosmetic procedures or a nose job.

One fan said: “Omg Kelsey! Did you get a new nose?”

Another wrote: “Did Kelsey get a nose job? Her nose looks really thin”, before adding that her nose “was perfect” before.

“Yeah Kelsey def had a nose job or fillers or something”, claimed a fan.

Some fans actually think she got a nose job for a second time, claiming that she has gone under the knife previously.

Bachelor: Did Kelsey get a nose job?

  • At the time of writing, Kelsey has not confirmed any new surgery

However, she did address earlier rumors in March 2020 that she may have gotten a nose job, and completely shut speculation down.

In a photo caption, she wrote: “Spoiler alert: My nose is real.” Despite attempts to deny surgery, many fans said they did not believe her.

Although many fans are adamant that Kelsey may have gone under the knife, she has not addressed any recent rumors since last year.

It is possible that Kelsey may have just gotten nose filler put in, which may have changed the appearance of her face, rather than actual surgery.

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What surgery has Kelsey Weier had done?

  • Kelsey has had Botox and fillers

The Bachelor in Paradise star previously said she has no reason to lie about a nose job, but admitted she has had Botox and fillers done.

This was during an interview with Floor 8 in March 2020, so it is possible she may have gotten a nose job since then. But this is unconfirmed.

Fans have been claiming that her nose looks really thin, which would usually be due to a nose job rather than filler.

In April 2021, Kelsey uploaded a photo where her nostrils appear to be much smaller than before, but this could be down to an Instagram filter.



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