Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise couldn’t have begun on a better note as it introduced us to several interesting contestants, and of course, Kenny Brassch, who decided to bare it all! But, was he fully nude? The viewers have some interesting theories!

Age was never a factor for Kenny and neither was it for the single ladies who just couldn’t stop raving about his sculpted body. But, it appeared as if they weren’t completely surprised to see him fully naked and this has given rise to a few questions among fans. 

Was Kenny Braasch fully nude?

When Kenny first made his entrance on the show, the host, David Spade, seemed slightly surprised to see the contestant don his bare body. And, when he went to the beach, his decision to strip down definitely turned heads.

However, the viewers couldn’t tell if Kenny was completely nude as his you-know-which area was fully censored. 

However, when he meets Mari, he couldn’t take his eyes off her and goes on to tell her to not check him out from the waist below. But, Marie doesn’t seem surprised and it appeared as if she didn’t see anything she wasn’t expecting. 

No sooner, fans took to Twitter to express their opinions about Kenny possibly being nude. 

Fans doubt if Kenny Braasch was really nude 

Kenny’s day 1 on Bachelor in Paradise definitely sparked a conversation on the Internet as fans argued about him showing up naked on the show. Some of them are of the opinion that the whole stunt was staged and that Kenny, in fact, wasn’t nude as he was portrayed to be. 

One tweeted, “I feel like not enough people are truly reacting to Kenny. Therefore he’s definitely not fully nude.”

Another added, “Everyone is wayyyy to calm for Kenny to be “completely nude” Rn #BachelorinParadise”

Another wrote, “Kenny is not fully nude – why does the franchise do this?!?”

Mari hits it off with Kenny

There was no dearth of making out sessions on the first episode of the new season.

Bartender Wells Adams was seen telling the host that the show witnessed the highest number of kisses between couples in Bachelor in Paradise history.

Mari and Kenny were among those who locked lips on the beach and fans have already started shipping them.

However, the teaser for the next episode shows a “love triangle”, which sparks tension between Mari and Kenny. Will the bond last or break? We’ll have to wait and watch!

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Mondays on ABC.

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