I Love A Mama's Boy: Are Kimberly Cobb and Matt McAdams still together?

I Love A Mama's Boy: Are Kimberly Cobb and Matt McAdams still together?

TLC’s I Love A Mama’s Boy is back, giving fans an update on Kimberley Cobb and Matt McAdams’ relationship. But are they still together?

The reality TV series shows how couples deal with having a close mom nearby, such as Matt’s tight-knit relationship with his mother Kelly.

It’s back for another season, which reveals a big moment for both Kimberley and Matt. However, post-filming updates hint at some changes.

With the knowledge that the latest season was filmed some time ago, Reality Titbit has done some digging to find out the star’s relationship status.

Fans make guesses on I Love A Mama’s Boy

Viewers who have followed Kimberly and Matt’s journey are sharing their thoughts on their relationship, and it’s clear what their opinions are.

The majority seem to be warning Kimberly to “run”, while a few others actually seem to have Matt’s mom Kelly listed as a favorite.

One viewer said: “I can’t wait to find out that she finally dumped the boy so she can find a real man.

“I would’ve want a MIL like any of them on that show.”

Ahead of the season 2launch, another wrote: “Kelly you’re ridiculous with a guest room when your house is literally steps away.”

Matt actually took time to respond to fans, and wrote:

Hey all! Thanks for watching and the good and negative comments are what make things more enjoyable for viewers! You guys all rock!

Are Kimberly and Matt still together?

  • Although unconfirmed, it looks like they are no longer a couple.

After a scroll through Kimberly’s Instagram profile, there is not one picture of Matt that can be found recently, suggesting they are not together.

The last post that included Matt was in October 2020, alongside Kelly, which was uploaded to promote the first season last year.

When a fan shared their wishes in the comments section of one of Kim’s photos, they said they could not wait to see her dump Matt.

Kim replied: “hahaha you’re in for a treat Stephanie! This season is wild.”

Suspicion has also risen when viewers have questioned Matt’s sexuality, which has also led to fan queries about whether the pair are actors.

However, there was a recent video uploaded to Twitter by Kim in June, which shows her hanging out with Matt and Kelly in June.

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Kimberly and Matt: Relationship timeline

Kimberly moved into her partner Matt’s mom’s house Kelly, after their apartment burned down – but found they had little privacy.

They didn’t have the finances to move out of Kelly’s home, so it was decided that the couple would live in a custom-built space in Kelly’s garage.

The couple faced arguments, where Matt would side with his mom Kelly.

When later building their own home, Kim wanted their new space to be their own and for Kelly to not have a key to the house.

They agreed that Kim just needed to set boundaries, but that she did not want to take Matt away from Kelly – and he later proposed to her!

The latest news on I Love A Mama’s Boy shows that they are engaged.



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