Too Hot to Handle: Has Larissa had surgery? Netflix star can 'open bottle with boobs'

Netflix has launched the Too Hot to Handle season two, where fans will be able to meet Larissa. Some may wonder if she’s had surgery.

The show is very Love Island-esque, but their actions – when it comes to their desires – won’t come without consequences.

Anything that involves kissing, heavy petting or self-gratification means the 2021 line-up of stars will lose money from a $100K pot.

Larissa is amongst the cast this year, and like the others, have already had rumors begin to spread about them – such as if she’s gone under the knife.

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 | Official Trailer

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 | Official Trailer

Has Larissa had surgery?

  • Yes, Larissa has had her breasts done, as well as lip filler

She confirmed she bought herself some new boobs on her show introduction. Larissa has also had lip filler.

Larissa revealed that she is getting a lot of hate for having plastic surgery during an interview on The Domenick Nati Show.

The THTH star went from a B cup to a D cup, and paid for the surgery herself. She went on to say that she “is so over it” when it comes to hate.

She is not the first Too Hot to Handle star to have surgery, as season one star Francesca Farago has lip fillers, chin filler, and Botox.

Larissa is very open about her breasts in interviews, such as when she revealed her boob party trick during an introduction clip.

Larissa reveals her boob party trick

During an interview with connection service BT, cast members were asked which part of their body is their favourite.

Larissa was the first to respond, where she revealed her breasts are her favourite body part, adding that it was “easy for her” to answer.

She later revealed that she “feels like she talks about her boobs a lot”.

Larissa told BT about her secret talent:

I can open a beer bottle with my boobs. I do have other features!

  • NETFLIX: We found Emily from Too Hot To Handle on Instagram!

Larissa: Before and after surgery

We had a look at Larissa’s tagged Instagram photos, where her lips appear smaller several years ago.

For example, she went to a festival in New Zealand in 2019, where her lips look somewhat reduced in size compared to recent pictures.

Here at Reality Titbit, a photo of Larissa with a friend at Sin City nightclub in 2019 shows her with a smaller chest area and lips.

According to Celebs Week, Larissa has a bust measurement of 38 inches. They also posted a picture of her at graduation, where her lips are less full.

Several of her Instagram followers have described the star as being their “body goals”, with many sending fire emojis alongside “that bod”.



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