Leah is Micah’s date on tonight’s episode of Welcome to Plathville (September 28th), and we have the lowdown on their romance.

Sparks instantly began flying for the pair, who met up for a first date following some time speaking to each other on a dating app.

Since then, Reality Titbit done some digging to find that they are still regularly meeting up – and it appears that they could be in a relationship.

Micah has always been a fan favorite on the show, and fans are over the moon that he seems to have hit it off with a new lady.

Welcome to Plathville: Who is Leah?

Leah, from Tallahassee, meets Micah for a date on Welcome to Plathville.

However, they actually first met online before the date happened. They had been talking on and off for a while, until she asked to ride his horses.

She revealed that Micah is “super sweet, super wholesome, definitely funny”, adding that she has never met anybody like him.

During their date, they kissed and appeared to hit it off quickly.

She is a student from Florida State University, who said her college experience was worth paying to go there.

Are Micah and Leah together now?

Looking at Instagram, it appears that Micah and Leah are together.

Leah recently shared a picture of them looking cosy, with the caption: “Small town boi has made his way to the big city!!! Good luck out in LA.”

Several followers have left comments such as “about time” and “we love to see it”, suggesting they may have gone official with their relationship.

In March 2021, reports stated that Micah shared an Instagram story going horse-riding with a mystery, unnamed girl.

Of course, it only stayed up for 24 hours, but it did not appear to be Helena or Caroline, who the TLC star has had some history with.

Although Micah and the mystery girl could just be friends – who we now believe to be Leah – it sounds like the outing between them was romantic.

Meet Leah Luna on Instagram

Leah is part of the Kappa Delta club at Florida State University, which she proudly states in her Instagram bio.

She also states she has a “mind of her own”, and recently shared some pictures of her and Micah, including one of them on a bed together.

One video includes the horses that appear to be the same animals from the farm during their first ever date!

Aside from Micah and Leah went to Kastaway 2021 together, she seems to be a fun-loving popular girl who loves festivals and travelling.



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