Single’s Inferno is returning with a second season to warm up lonely hearts this winter. As fans learned in season one, it’s not as easy as it sounds to find your soulmate. But what happened to the Single’s Inferno couples at the end of the first series and are they still together?

Similar to Too Hot To Handle, Single’s Inferno gathers young Korean singletons on a deserted island in hopes they’ll find their true love.

The contestants must get to know each other any way they can, but without learning their professions and ages. If things go well, winners of each activity have the option to choose a person to leave the deserted inferno and go to ‘paradise’ for the night.

The second season will launch on December 13 on Netflix. As we wait for the date, let’s find out which Single’s Inferno couples are still together, and what have the rest been up to.

Single’s Inferno couples: Are they still together now?

Song Ji-a

On and off the show, Ji-a became one of the most talked about cast members. Entering the contest with a strong fan base, the 25-year-old caught everyone’s attention. Literally.

Being the contestant with the most votes on the first night, the young YouTuber ended up leaving the island with Kim Hyeon-Joong despite Cha Hyun-seung’s addition to the show, which caused uncertainty in the couple’s progress.

Although they ended up together, Ji-a and Hyeon-Joong’s relationship didn’t progress, and the two eventually went their separate ways.

Weeks after the release of Single’s Inferno, Ji-a was subject to a scandal after viewers spotted the reality star wearing fake designer clothing during the episodes of the show.

This caused a huge controversy in South Korea and its international viewers. The star ended up deleting all of her social media posts, both on Instagram and YouTube, as well as writing an apology note.

With a fan base of more than two million followers on YouTube and a million on Instagram, the young star came back to the scene after a six-month hiatus. Since then, Ji-a reprised her YouTube channel, sharing her adventures with fans who were happy to see her back.

Kim Hyeon-joong

Kim Hyeon-joong became loyal to Song Ji-a as soon as he laid eyes on her. During the entire season, Hyeon-joong fought to gain Ji-a’s attention, and he certainly did. Throughout the episodes, they had a strong connection and an undeniable physical attraction.

However, the young YouTuber was also open to meeting other people, whereas the 28-year-old stayed a one-woman man despite other girls being interested in getting to know him.

As the show was filmed months in advance, the relationship status of Hyeon-joong and Ji-a was uncertain. In the finale episode of Single’s Inferno, the model posted a picture of a dog about his self-description of being a ‘golden retriever guy’.

Almost a year later and single, Hyeon has continued his modeling career as well as his personal trainer duties. He’s also very active on social media with nearly a million Instagram followers.

Shin Ji-yeon

The sweet Shin Ji-yeon had a hard time trying to figure out her feelings. Her journey in the series became a rollercoaster, where she found herself attracted to Oh Jin-tаek but with captivated by the persuasive and thoughtful moves from Moon Se-hoon.

However, fans saw in the last two episodes he was growing closer to Se-hoon. In the intense finale, the couple surprised viewers as they left holding hands.

Months after the episode, many were curious if the two were together. Although they didn’t post photos together, fans saw hints the couple was still an item, and she even visited his restaurant!

However, Ji-yeon and Se-hoon’s relationship didn’t last as long as fans expected. Although, the two seem to be on good terms.

Ji-yeon is not very active on social media and posts an average of two posts per month. Still, her million Instagram followers have seen her grow her social media status by collaborating with household luxury brands such as Burberry and South Korean skincare brands.

Moon Se-hoon

The heartthrob of the show was Moon Se-hoon. Not only did viewers fall in love with his personality and good looks, but also his consistency in trying to win Shin Ji-yeon over.

Continuing his businesses as a professional chef and restaurant owner, the reality star has also started modeling for various brands.

Even though his relationship with Ji-yeon didn’t become forever, many were grateful that him to have kept his gentlemanly manners and the same initiative he had on the show during their time getting to know each other off-cameras.

Kаng So-yeon

Son Ji-a might’ve gotten the most attention, but Kang So-yeon quickly made her way to the top of becoming the girl crush of those watching from home.

Could fans see the beloved So-yeon falling for another man than Oh Jin-taek? Well, the athlete had her eyes on Moon Se-Hoon.

Nonetheless, the 34-year-old became fond of Jin-taek, despite their differences and the interests of other people wanting to get to know them. The pair would be spending the majority of time together and choosing each other to go to paradise.

After the show ended, things seemed to have been going well for the pair. So-yeon and Jin-taek were spotted together in the same locations, but the two never posted pictures posing together.

The star maintained her passion for football while doing some modeling and traveling the world in between.

Oh Jin-tаek

The classy Oh Jin-taek became a topic of conversation. The business owner stole the heart of Kang So-yeon, and kept his interest in getting to know her despite Shin Ji-yeon’s confession of being attracted to him.

As per The Cinemaholic, their latest update where the two were believed to be together was in August. While the couple has not made their romance Instagram official, Jin-taek and So-yeon have been snapped together playing sports.

Besides playing sports, he has also continued to work as the co-founder of his fashion brand, Ascottage. It’s unclear whether the couple is still together, but they have surely become a long-lasting couple outside of Single’s Inferno.

An Yea-won

The hottie in the villa, An Yae-won gained viewers with her bubbly personality and extrovertive self. Even though the star didn’t have any heartaches during her journey on the desserts, fans fell in love with her unproblematic fling with Kim Jun-sik and her close friendship with Kang So-yeon.

As of today, despite their great chemistry, Yea-won and Jun-sik didn’t last long. The 27-year-of gave an update weeks after the launch of the show, saying they had remained good friends but nothing more.

Taking her fame over to YouTube, Yea-won has reunited with fellow contestants for a round-up of burning questions. Viewers have seen sparks between her and fellow contestant Cha Hyun-seung, and fans are now hoping for them to date.

Kim Jun-sik

The shy boy from the desert met his match in the Inferno with Yea-won. Even though their progress wasn’t shown in the series and the two didn’t get much screen time on that aspect, fans were happy Jun-sik had left with Yea-won.

The beloved entrepreneur has a very close friendship with all cast members, and has continued to keep in touch with the majority of them – there are even some photos of the cast together!

In recent months, he has been receiving the attention of fans with his good looks and fashion style, giving a totally different impression from the introverted guy viewers met a year ago.

Jun-sik has not spoken about his relationship with Yea-won, but at least fans know there isn’t any bad blood between the two.



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