Millie Court strutted in as a new bombshell, revealed her interest in Liam Reardon, and was picked by him to couple up with.

Their romance started with a three-course meal, when Millie chose Liam as one of her courses. It wasn’t long before they started flirting and hit it off.

Now in an official couple following the July 12 recoupling, things are getting a little more serious. Millie questioned if their age difference is a problem.

Their conversation, which involved Millie asking if they could have deeper chats, led to fans wondering exactly how old the villa couple is.

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Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Love Island: How old is Millie?

  • Millie is 24 years old

She was in a relationship for six years before Love Island, which ended a year and three months ago.

This means that the new bombshell must have goten into the relationship when she was aged around 17 or 18.

Since the split, Millie has been on a few dates with people, but not many as a result of the pandemic.

Several fans have predicted that she looks younger than she appears, such as in her very early twenties.

She recently asked Liam about whether there is an issue with their ages, adding that maybe she was overthinking the difference.

Liam Reardon’s age explored

  • Liam is 21 years old

He instantly shocked fans when he first appeared on Love Island, which was revealed to Faye when he went on a date with her.

The bombshell is 6 ft 6, which has added to the viewer speculation that he may not actually be 21 years old.

However, according to the bricklayer, he is currently 21 years old. Reports state that he was born on August 18, 1999.

He told Millie that he didn’t think there is a problem with their age difference, after she brought up the topic.

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Love Island fans react to age difference

Looking through Twitter, it is clear to see that several viewers cannot believe Liam’s real age, with some even demanding to see his ID.

When it came to Millie’s concerns about their age gap, the majority didn’t seem to think there was any problems.

And others were actually more confused after Millie asked if there was an age gap between them.

One fan said: “It was when Millie asked Liam “Do you think there’s a difference in our age gap?” for me. Like it’s debatable that they have an age gap. You do or you don’t.”

Another wrote: “3 years is fine at your age, Millie, don’t stress about it. Liam also looks about 35, so I wouldn’t worry.”

“Millie needs to have a deeper chat with Liam and ask him his REAL AGE thats for sure because i still don’t buy it #LoveIsland“, said a fan.



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