After information leaked that former Love Island stars were earning up to £8,000 on promotional Instagram posts, we thought we would analyse their accounts a little further.

Series three star Montana Brown has admitted to turning down offers of around £5,000 every day, saying that she didn’t want to support brands she had no interest in.

Elsewhere, you will find Love Island stars sporting the latest teeth whitening technology and muscle-enhancing protein shakes in basically every other post.

Who is the biggest sell out on Instagram?

Rock Stars Don’t Need Money

Love Island 2017 winner Kem Cetinay has the biggest social media following out of all the previous contestants, two million in total.

Although he clearly boasts a tight partnership with BooHoo, modelling clothes for them almost every week, Kem rarely flexes his 8k sponsored post power.

In fact, he’s not once posted about protein or teeth whitener – what a hero!

Kem Cetinay: SELL-OUT rating 2/10

Likewise, bezzie-b Chris Hughes rarely needs to sell out on cheap Instagram posts.

However, flaunting his new book and randomly appearing on a host of reality TV shows – like popping in to see Jeremy Kyle – Chris is a little more media hungry when it comes to absorbing opportunities.

Chris Hughes: SELL OUT rating 3/10

Honoury mentions include Jamie Jewitt and Camilla Thurlow, who have the most natural of social media accounts.

Their sell-out ratings come in at less than 0.

Could Do With the Extra Cash

Despite boasting a colossal 1.5 million followers, Olivia is much more suspect to the odd promo post.

She doesn’t clog her feed up with sponsored hashtags and is definitely still worth a follow, but she is more than partial to the old ‘look at this product’ photo.

Liv does a great, ‘oo what am I holding?’ pose…

Olivia Attwood: SELL-OUT rating 5/10

Next Stop – Desperation

Georgia Harrison, Jessica Shears and Mike Thalassitis make up our ‘desperation’ section.

Congratulations, guys.

All three Love Island stars pack their Instagram accounts with promos for anything and everything. They’re basically making a mockery of why Instagram was first developed.

For instance, here’s Georgia stereotypically flaunting some sort of weight loss product while in a skimpy bikini.

As for Mike, he will stoop to new lows.

Promoting a store that had managed to make his trainers whiter, this picture doesn’t exactly reflect the glamorous life of an ‘Insta influencer’.

Georgia, Mike and Jess: SELL-OUT rating 8/10

The Biggest Sell Out on Instagram

For anyone who follows Sam Gowland on Instagram, can we just ask, why?

Almost every post on his account is attributed to some sort of promo or sponsor.

Sam may not have been a Love Island success, but considering he is now a full cast member on Geordie Shore, he is definitely the biggest sell-out.

He flaunts constant pictures of himself and girlfriend Chloe Ferry in offensively gross matching tracksuits.

Obviously, Sam is also a big powdered nutrition activist.

But, worst of the worst, someone on Sam’s management team felt that it was a good idea for him to produce this video.

Keepin’ it classy, Sam…

Sam Gowland: SELL-OUT rating 10/10.

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