Two weeks before Love Island kicked off and the guys at realitytitbit made some pretty ballsy calls on what might happen.

Based on the big reveal of the series four cast and their cringe-worthy pieces to camera, there were 7 things we thought would 100% happen as the newbies entered the villa.

For some, we were bang on the money, whereas we couldn’t have been more wrong when it came to others…

1. Dani Mas Dyer WILL Mention Her Dad 100x

WRONG: It was widely assumed that Dani Dyer would leverage her famous dad, Eastenders actor Danny Dyer, to bide some extra time in the villa.

She hasn’t actually namedropped her dad at all, mainly because she hasn’t needed too.

Her relationship with Jack Fincham has proved pure and entertaining, with the couple current favourites to go on and win Love Island 2018.

Love Island: Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham
Love Island: Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham

2. Jack WILL Creep On Every Girl

HORRENDOUSLY WRONG: Our prediction for this one literally couldn’t have panned out any differently.

Jack’s quotes before he entered the villa about how he “wasn’t allowed to work with women” because he “always ended up sleeping with them” resulted in an instant nickname of ‘Jack The Lad’.

We were so wrong.

While Jack can be laddish in his playful banter, he’s easily the most loyal and loving of all the men in the villa, devoted to keeping one person and one person only happy – villa GF Dani.

Love Island: Jack Fincham
Love Island: Jack Fincham

3. Eyal and Hayley WILL Match-up

CORRECT: Despite only managing to tolerate one others company for a matter of days, we are pretty smitten with this prediction.

We always knew that Hayley was going to match with Eyal from when the original cast first lined up.

After all, the cool kids pick the cool kids, right?

Hayley Hughes has now left the villa, evicted with Charlie Frederick as the first couple to walk the plank.
Love Island - Hayley and Eyal
Love Island – Hayley and Eyal

4. PT Adam WILL be the First to Go

WRONG: Three weeks into Love Island 2018 and many are wishing that PT Adam was the first to go.

Despite his humiliation of Rosie and inability to keep his eyes from examining any female in a 100-metre radius of the Majorca villa, Adam Collard is still hanging about.

Adam’s pre-Love Island quotes was: I’d give myself a 10 out of 10 – maybe a 9, I’m not very good at the washing up.”

And only now are y’all realising he’s a bit of a d*ck...

Love Island: SR4: Ep16 on ITV2 Pictured: Things hot up for Adam and Zara.
Love Island: Things hot up for Adam and Zara.

5. Dr Alex IS the New Camilla

CORRECT: This one was pretty easy to see from the outset, with Love Island producers replicating their series three formula for success with a male version of Camilla Thurlow.

Dr Alex George is a runaway crowd favourite in the U.K, an honest and honourable A&E doctor with the purest intentions out of anyone in the villa.

Let’s just hope he finds love…

Screen Shot: Love Island Dr Alex kiss Ellie - ITV2, series 4, episode 13
Screen Shot: Love Island Dr Alex kiss Ellie – ITV2, series 4, episode 13

6. Wes WILL Drop His Wang in a Pint

PENDING: Excuse us for sounding a little bizarre, but Wes did enter the villa explaining how his selling point was his “massive wang”.

While we are yet to see said wang in action, it looks more likely that Wes will be dropping it in a pint glass than having it land somewhere with current villa partner Laura Anderson.
Screen Shot: Wes and Laura kiss - Love Island, episode four, ITV2
Screen Shot: Wes and Laura kiss – Love Island, episode four, ITV2

7. Samira WILL Be a Crowd Favourite

CORRECT: It’s widely accepted that Samira Mighty is one of the more popular females on the show.

Her lack of luck with the guys has made her a bit of a rogue cast member, however, with partner Dr Alex set to ditch her for recent Bombshell Ellie Brown.

The end of the road is close for Samira… unless there’s a shining knight in armour around the corner, of course.


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