Love Island 2020 ‘meet the parents’ episode: Is it happening this year?
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Love Island 2020 ‘meet the parents’ episode: Is it happening this year?

The winter love in South Africa is coming to an end as there are only a couple of days until the Love Island 2020 finale.

The last couples on the show have only a few more nights to spend together in the villa and there will be only one winning couple taking the grand prize of £50k.

Past series of the ITV2 series featured the famous ‘meet the parents’ episode where Islanders are introduced to each other’s parents.

But is this segment happening this year? Let’s find out.

Screenshot: Love Island 2020 – ITV

‘Meet the parents’ episode: What is it about?

In the special instalment, the Islanders are introduced to each other’s parents.

They all have spent weeks apart from their families, so meeting them before the finale is a pretty nice gesture from Love Island bosses.

It’s also a good opportunity for the contestants to meet their future in-laws and get to know them before exiting the villa.

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Is ‘meet the parents’ happening this year?


However, in past series Islanders would always get a visit from their parents and introduce their other half to them.

In the 2018 and 2019 series, the contestants met with their parents one day before the show’s final. For instance, in 2019 they met the parents on July 28th, exactly one day before the finale on Monday, July 29th, 2019.

In 2018, the series finished on July 30th and the parents entered the villa on July 29th.

Therefore, ‘meet the parents’ could air on Friday (February 21st) as the show will broadcast Love Island: Unseen Bits on Saturday.

Screenshot: Love Island S6 E28 – ITV Hub

Do fans think there will be ‘meet the parents’ episode?

Yes, a number of fans believe that ‘meet the parents’ episode is happening this year.

In fact, some claim the parents will enter the villa in Friday’s episode (February 21st). One viewer tweeted:

“Also we have ‘meet the parents’ episode on Friday so I feel like they would want to get the dates out the way by then but we will see what happens as this series could be a whole lot different in terms of the format.”





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