Following the announcement of the Love Island 2018 cast, there are 7 things we expect to happen as series four unwinds.

Based on some heavy stereotyping of the initial 11 contestants, we can put together a pretty good guesstimate of who is going to pair up, who is going to be the first to leave, and which contestant is going to spend the entire season name-dropping her dad.

Roll on June 4th…

1. PT Adam WILL be the First to Go

Love Island fans have been pretty cynical when it comes to their opinion of the initial 11 cast.

They’re not as glamorous as the 2017 crew, and personal trainer Adam is the epitome of the bang average group.

Historically, beefcake PT’s don’t tend to make it through the first week, and we fully expect Adam Collard to be the first to face eviction.

Adam said: I’d give myself a 10 out of 10 – maybe a 9, I’m not very good at the washing up.”

Err, yeah.

Let’s see how long you last, mate.

Love Island: Adam Collard, series 4
Love Island: Adam Collard, series 4

2. Dr Alex IS the New Camilla

Alex George is a 27-year-old doctor with a bit of a posh accent.

Clearly, he’s the most human-like character entering the villa and immediately draws comparisons to Camilla Thurlow.

It’s likely he will feel like a fish out of water among the other contestants – an emotional, relatable nice-guy, and this year’s version of Cam.

Love Island: Alex George, series 4
Love Island: Alex George, series 4

3. Wes WILL Drop His Wang in a Pint

Contestant Wes Nelson’s claim to fame is that he has a rather large male bit.

Wes said: If I was an emoji, I’d be the aubergine because I have a massive wang.”

Now, we fully expect to see said “massive wang”, and can imagine Wes dropping his piece into a pint glass, just like Chris Hughes did last season.

Love Island: Wes Nelson, series 4
Love Island: Wes Nelson, series 4

4. Eyal Booker and Hayley Hughes WILL Match-up

Okay, so this is a pretty bold call considering we know nothing about the two.

However, on the basis that Eyal is the most attractive boy and Hayley is the most attractive female, the reality titbit love gurus have already paired em’ up.

Eyal and Hayley, sitting in a tree…

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR4 on ITV2
Pictured: Eyal Booker.
Love Island: Hayley Hughes, series 4
Love Island: Hayley Hughes, series 4

5. Jack WILL Creep On Every Girl

There’s always one contestant thrown into the Love Island mix who hits on every girl in the villa.

Despite living in a tiny proximity where word gets around in under seven seconds, one contestant maintains the belief that the best approach is to try and get with every female in a game of ‘higher numbers’.

Now listen to Jack ‘The Lad’ Fincham’s introduction – he is 100% that creepy guy.

Jack said: I wasn’t allowed to work with the woman at one point because when we was hiring the women I just ended up sleeping with them, and there’s actually a rule now where you can’t sleep with employees.”

Love Island: Jack Fincham, series 4
Love Island: Jack Fincham, series 4

6. Dani Mas Dyer WILL Mention Her Dad 100x

Did you know that Dani Was Dyer is the daughter of Eastenders actor Danny Dyer?

Of course you did, it’s literally plastered across every corner of the internet.

And, undoubtedly, Dani will name-drop her famous father on every occasion as she clings on to a place in the final week – you heard it here first.

Love Island: Dani Mas Dyer, series 4
Love Island: Dani Mas Dyer, series 4

7. Samira WILL Be a Crowd Favourite

It’s pretty easy to predict which Love Island contestants are first round duds and who has the characteristics to get to the final.

Listening to Samira Mighty’s opening Love Island lines, and this chick sounds hilariously adorable.

The cast were asked which movie character they would like to be in real life, with answers like James Bond and Christian Grey the common theme.

Samira said Shrek…

Samira said: “I don’t know why I just said Shrek (laughs) he’s just got the best relationship and he gets to live for free and like, lives in a swamp and doesn’t care… and I also love Shrek so much.”

Samira, we love your work.

Love Island: Samira Mighty, series 4
Love Island: Samira Mighty, series 4

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