Love Island episode three saw two new girls rock up to the villa as a wave of jealousy swept through Majorca.

Stunning newbies Georgia Steel and Rosie Williams were welcomed – at least by the boys – as more than one love triangle started to shape in Love Island series four.

Here are 7 things you DIDN’T KNOW about Georgia Steel…

1. Georgia is a Student

At 20-years-old, Georgia heads into the villa as the second Love Island student, alongside Niall Aslam.

Although originally from York, Georgia lives in London, studying something in performing arts.

Let’s hope she hasn’t got a dissertation to finish over the next eight weeks…

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Taking my shot girls out in London ❤️🍾

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2. She’s a Shot Girl

Georgia is that girl carrying around large trays of shots in clubs.

You know, the one who is hollering “two for one Jägerbombs” all night, although suspiciously looking like she has consumed most of the shots herself.

Rumours on Twitter hint at a position in Popworld although more reliable sources say she works in an upmarket Chelsea bar – which sounds much more believable.

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Hard at work 😂

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3. Georgia Looks Just Like Dani Mas Dyer

Okay, so be fair to Georgia, she doesn’t just look identical to Dani Mas Dyer.

They sound pretty damn similar too.

Enjoy trying to differentiate these two for the next couple of months.

Pictured: Dani Dyer.
Pictured: Dani Dyer.
Pictured: Georgia Steel.
Pictured: Georgia Steel.

4. She’s a Party Girl

Georgia opened up about her party lifestyle in London, where rowdy fun has been the name of the game since moving out of her parents’ home.

Georgia said: Since moving to London, I let my hair down a bit and dated a few guys and had a bit of fun but nothing serious. Now I’m looking for something more serious.”

5. Georgia is All Natural

Georgia has described her best asset as her plump lips, although that statement automatically drew shots of “they’re fake” on social media.

Fortunately, G already addressed the issue a long time ago on her Instagram, writing this on her post:

I was born with big lips on my face.”

Georgia added: Physically I’d say my bottom is my best asset. I’d also say my lips because a lot of people think I’ve had my lips done when I haven’t, and my eyes because my eyes are quite unusual.”

6. She’s Automatically Samira’s Rival

Unfortunately for Georgia, she instantly made an enemy the moment she walked into the villa.

Dancer and actor Samira Mighty was outraged that someone in the same profession had waltzed onto the stage to try and steal her show.

Cats (The Musical) fight!

Samira said: I’m the f*cking dancer! Are you joking? I’m out!”

Screen Shot: Samira Mighty reacts to Georgia - Love Island, ITV2, episode 3, episode four
Screen Shot: Samira Mighty reacts to Georgia – Love Island, ITV2, episode 3, episode four

7. Georgia is Going to Match with Niall…

We think Georgia is the perfect match for Niall, and not just because they can talk about the struggles of living and studying in London, eating nothing but 99p noodles and working out the cheapest times to ride the Tube.

Georgia has said that her biggest turn off is “someone who’s very serious”, and that rules our Eyal Booker.

Instead, she wants a man who she can “have a laugh with”, someone like Naill…

Love Island: SR4 on ITV2, Niall Aslam.
Love Island: SR4 on ITV2, Niall Aslam.

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