Love Island’s Rosie Williams not long left the villa, strutting out of Majorca with more sass than Beyoncé in the Apes**t video.

Rosie’s entire persona was built on sass, as she attempted to avenge Adam Collard’s dumping by strutting around like the series four queen, sporting skimpy outfits and trying to ‘shut down’ Adam with witty one-liners.

Unfortunately, all this sass soon led to her demise, with fans on Twitter growing increasingly annoyed by her over the top antics.

Here are 7 times that Twitter SLAMMED Rosie Williams’ unbearable sass.

Love Island: Sam Bird and Rosie?
Love Island: Sam Bird and Rosie?

1. Rosie’s Recognisable Walk

There was only one way that Rosie Williams would get from A to B during series four of Love Island.

She would sway her hips, swing her arms and land every step with fierce amounts of sauciness.

Kinda like this guy…

2. Her Word Vomit

While everybody in the U.K felt for Rosie after she had been unrepentantly played by Adam Collard, she certainly didn’t help herself when it came to adding justification.

Attempting to warn Zara McDermott about Adam’s ways, this unfortunate statement spewed from Rosie’s overly sassy mouth.

Skin. Crawling.  

3. Rosie Leaving The Villa

Of course, when Rosie left the villa, she did so in her own majestic way.

Hair flicked from side to side, heels perfectly placed to the floor in parallel unison – a strut fit for the catwalk.

4. Her Grinding Hip Movement

Throughout Rosie’s appearance in series four, Twitter grew concerned over her hip health, worried that all her pelvis flexing would soon grind her bones into a mushy pulp.

5. Rosie Isn’t Joking

While half of the U.K population applauded Rosie’s super-sassy walk, believing it sent waves of swagger across the Majorca, others just couldn’t take her rhymic steps seriously.

We wonder if she walks likes this in everyday life.

To Co-Op.

To the bus stop.

To the post office.

6. Her ‘End of Night’ Strut

If you slow down Rosie’s flowing strut and analyse it frame by frame, it’s easy to see where she nicked the idea from.

You know that walk you do at 3 am when alcohol has jacked up your confidence…

7.  Nobody Is Listening

Rosie’s sass wasn’t just exploding through her walk, but every time she attempted to talk to Adam following their break up.

That moment she was wearing Adam’s hat and all of the other attention seeking malarky.

Fortunately, Adam never actually bothered to switch on when Rosie started talking, and neither did many Love Island fans in general.

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