Love Island star Dr Alex had hearts melting on social media after his heart-warming reaction to Megan’s ‘stripper reveal’.

Alex reacted in a way that none of the other current villa men would have; earning plenty of fans on Twitter.

Dr Alex – a true sweetheart!

Alex’s Advancement 

Alex chucked himself straight into the deep end during episode seven, whisking away Megan for a private chat.

Bless his little cotton socks…


Megan’s Stripper Days

Here, Megan opened up about her struggles as a Legal PA in London, where travelling back and forth from Essex was costing her “a bomb”. Megan said:

I had no money, so on the side I started dancing.”


But I was really naive, I’d never been in a strip club, I didn’t know anything about it and I thought it would just be old men and no-one would know.”


Alex’s Perfect Response

While some men would have found something smutty to say. Others may gear the conversation towards sexual suggestions, finding out more on Megan’s stripper days. Alex did the opposite.

In a piece to camera, the A&E doctor from London explained how he was in awe of Megan’s confidence to open up about her past:

I’ve got to be completely honest, I think it’s fantastic that Megan had the confidence to just openly admit that she was a stripper.”



Alex concluded: She was really interested in my job and what I do, and she said she had a lot of respect for it, and it shows that she isn’t someone who is just about having the biggest biceps or six-pack, and that she is actually someone who is a bit deep – and that is what I am looking for.”

Yet, after all that, Eyal strolled over to interrupt the conversation before ending up on the wrong end of Megan’s tongue later in the episode.

Oh, Alex…

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