Love Island: Are Jeremy and Bailey still together? Fans predict their future!

Love Island: Are Jeremy and Bailey still together? Fans predict their future!

They came third after developing a connection on Love Island USA 2021. However, the question is whether Jeremy and Bailey are together.

The villa bubble is well and truly over, where a group of singletons trying to meet their match live together for several weeks.

During that time, Jeremy and Bailey formed a connection – albeit towards the end of the series – but nevertheless, they made the final and left happy.

Some viewers are now predicting whether they will stay together on the outside. Reality Titbit got in on the action and gave the latest update below.

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Fans predict Jeremy and Bailey’s future

Looking through Twitter, it is clear that most fans hope that Jeremy and Bailey will continue their relationship outside the villa.

Most fans think they are “cute” and “natural”, however a small minority seem to believe that them being together does not make sense.

A viewer said: “I think Korey & Liv gonna win but outside the villa i think Jeremy & Bailey will last #loveislandusa.”

“I’m really hoping Will & Kyra and Jeremy & Bailey stay together and make it work”, said another Love Island USA fan.

But while some have high hopes for the couple, others think otherwise.

#LoveIslandUSA I still believe Jeremy is fake, I doubt Jeremy/Bailey will last outside the villa”, said one fan.

Are Jeremy and Bailey still together?

  • Yes, they continue to be in a relationship (at the time of writing)

Despite Bailey wanting more reassurance that Jeremy is into her, they sailed through and were strong enough to reach the final.

They may have been a much newer couple than who they were up against, but most fans seemed to think they were worthy of the $100K prize.

While there are no photos of him with Bailey on his Instagram, which is a cause for concern, it just appears that nobody took over his social media.

They looked very happy during the final. But Bailey is from Portland, Oregon, while Jeremy is from New York – so the long distance could be hard!

As Jeremy and Bailey are a new couple, the rumors that they may not last could be true, but this is not yet the case for them – just a day after the final.

Jeremy and Bailey: Love Island journey

Despite Jeremy being close to getting voted out on multiple occasions, his relationship with Bailey seemed to go pretty smoothly – most of the time.

He spent mhis recent time in the villa connecting with Bailey, but before that, Jeremy appeared to be jumping between several Islanders.

Although he claimed to be on the search for a serious relationship, he failed to make a real connection with any girls on the show, until Bailey.

They were saved from elimination by their fellow Islanders when they ended up being in the bottom, and made kit to the final.

As a result, several fans thought that Jeremy and Bailey would be taking home this year’s crown and the $100K prize.



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