When Luca Bish was whisked off on a beach date with bombshell Danica (don’t worry, we’re crying for Gemma too), viewers noticed that the Love Island star chose to sip on water rather than the Prosecco available.

Since the date, which saw Luca and Danica both accidentally wear the same shade of blue *awks*, questions about whether the fishmonger actually drinks alcohol has been circling on social media.

We had a look through his Instagram and found another hint that he doesn’t drink. One photo on his page showed the islander surrounded by friends drinking from beer cans, while he appeared to have a bottle of water in his hand.

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Love Island fans ask if Luca drinks

When Luca poured a glass of Prosecco for bombshell Danica during a beach date, fans started questioning whether he drinks or not. Then when he added that he “doesn’t drink”, many asked the reason why.

A viewer wrote: “Did Luca say he doesn’t drink? Did we know that before today? #LoveIsland.”

Another said: “#loveisland proper stigma when you say you don’t drink, loads of reasons why peeps don’t drink, glad Luca feels ok to say it.”

“Luca doesn’t drink? Man after my own heart #loveisland,” an avid viewer posted on Twitter.

Luca reveals he doesn’t drink

Luca revealed that he doesn’t drink during a beach date with bombshell Danica. Despite his choice to drink water instead of Prosecco, he was still a gentleman by pouring her a glass of the fizz, while having none himself.

By the end of the date, Danica and Luca cheered by clinking their glasses, before he confirmed to viewers that he was actually drinking H20. It comes after speculation about whether he even had a drop of liquid in his cup.

The Love Island star didn’t give any reasons for why he doesn’t drink, but was applauded by viewers for being honest about it. However, some think they saw him sip on alcohol at the mini party on the ITV2 dating show.

His Instagram hints at no alcohol

Luca’s Instagram page doesn’t involve alcohol, even in a picture where he is surrounded by friends drinking beer and alcopops like Hooch. He attended a festival where the islander held a bottle of water while his mates drank alcohol.

Islanders are each given a detailed health questionnaire, which includes asking about their alcohol intake, the use of drugs and whether they have any STDs, before entering the Mallorca villa.

Luca was seen necking some alcohol during a game of beer pong earlier this season, so it doesn’t look like alcohol is totally out of the question but rather that he chooses to only drink small amounts.


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