Love Island’s Casa Amor trip has wrapped up and all Islanders are back in the main villa. The mini break, notorious for making or breaking couples, has certainly done a number on this year’s contestants.

Since everyone reunited back in the main villa, tensions have been high, and whilst there’s certainly enough drama to film, Friday’s episode was focused on the decoupling of Andrew and Tasha.

The episode initially started quite tame, with Tasha and Andrew figuring out what had occurred since they’ve both been away from each other. And it all came to blows when details of a secret sex act between Andrew and Coco became public knowledge.

Coco and Tasha had a quick chat with each other, with Coco keeping things surface level and not delving into the drama: “I don’t think you would be happy with some of the things said or done”.

And boy, was she right.

Andrew defended his choice of re-coupling with Coco to Tasha’s new beau Billy, saying: “There’s a reason for that mate”, saying the new girls told him “You need to open your eyes” to his relationship with Tasha.

And he originally played down what had happened between him and Coco, later saying he “didn’t remember” kissing her in the pool and a raunchy act he performed on her in bed.

Tensions were high

Andrew confirmed there weren’t any hard feelings between himself and Billy just before getting into a heated discussion with Tasha. A moody Andrew proclaimed his feelings to Tasha, telling her: “I’m hurt”, “I was falling for you”. But Tasha wasn’t accepting his excuse and said: “They [the new girls] don’t see the day in and day out”.

And whilst the discussion ended with a hug, what followed was absolute carnage. An increasingly angry Coco admitted to the villa what really happened between her and Andrew.

Andrew, pulling Tasha for a chat admitted all the sexual details of his time with Coco. A seething Tasha, walked away to be comforted by the girls.

She proclaimed “He’s a f***ing” liar, loud enough for others to hear. Davide, trying to relieve the tension, replied: “That is my line, Natasha”. But it’s clear the girls were in no mood for jokes and exclaimed: “Davide, it’s not the time”.

Tasha eventually told Andrew he was playing the victim, reminding him that they BOTH recoupled and that he had actually done more with Coco than she had with Billy.


Audience reactions were mixed, with many sick of the drama between Andrew and Tasha.

But it appears more are supporting Tasha. Many are claiming there’s a double standard to Andrew’s behaviour, and that Tasha has wrongly received more criticism for her actions than Andrew has.

Sneak Peak

With tensions high, the episode ended leaving viewers eager to see more, but we’ll have to wait until Sunday night to find out what happened next.

Love Island airs Sunday to Friday at 9pm on ITV2.


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