The love and romance in Cape Town’s Love Island villa are over now. Last night (February 23rd), the ITV2 dating show aired the finale of its first-ever winter series.

Paige Turley and Finn Tapp scooped the grand prize of £50,000 after getting crowned the winners of the series.

One thing that stood the most out of the Love Island 2020 finale was Finn’s emotional speech to Paige.

So here is Finn’s full speech, as well as how Paige and viewers watching at home reacted to his sweet tribute.

Paige Turley and Finn Tapp, Love Island 2020 finale

Finn’s emotional speech to Paige

On Sunday, each Islander had to read out a speech they’ve written for their other half in the villa, explaining why their partner is so special to them.

And it’s safe to say, Finn delivered such an emotional tribute to Paige that even he was left in tears before he could finish it.

He said: “Paigey baby, you make me the happiest I’ve been for a long time and I’m so excited for life after Love Island. But the one I’m most excited for is moving to Manchester with you.”

Finn continued:

That’s because I can’t stand the thought of not being with you 24/7. My mum told me yesterday, ‘You’ve fallen hard haven’t you’, and I guess mums are always right after all.

I came and found a girlfriend and a best friend. I know I said I’d wait but I also said when I feel it I’d say it. So Paigey I want you to know I love you.

Finn Tapp, Love Island 2020 finale

Paige’s reaction after Finn’s speech

Paige was sobbing during Finn’s touching tribute to her. At the start, Finn struggled to keep speaking and Paige emotionally responded: “Take your time.”

This was such a pure and sweet moment the couple shared before winning the winter series of Love Island 2020.

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Viewers were left in tears

Finn’s message got many viewers watching at home weeping as well.

“Finn delivering that speech and crying got me sobbing,” said one fan, while another one tweeted: “Finn crying when doing his speech to Paige actually made me cry, love is sweet.”



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