Mornings in the Love Island villa can be tough sometimes, especially when you’re woken up by a bug in your bed.

During Monday’s episode (February 17th), Finn Tapp was petrified after he saw an insect, which was on the bed he shares with Paige Turley.

One thing is clear, the boy hates bugs, and his reaction left many viewers watching at home in hysterics.

So here’s exactly what happened during the episode, as well as how fans of the ITV2 show reacted on social media.

Love Island, Finn scared by a bug

Love Island: Finn Tapp and the bug

On Monday, Love Island returned after it was taken off air for two consecutive nights during the weekend.

But the morning wasn’t bright and shiny for one Islander. Finn was left in horror after he found a bug on his bed with Paige.

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Finn Tapp’s petrified reaction

It’s safe to say, Finn is terrified by bugs and he hates them. He clearly stated that in the Love Island episode when he immediately ran to Luke M and Demi’s bed.

Finn told his fellow Islanders: “I don’t like bugs, man.”

The others in the bedroom burst out laughing at Finn’s funny mishap in the morning. But thankfully, 23-year-old scaffolder Ched Uzor was there to save the day as he threw the bug outside of the bedroom.

Love Island, a bug on Finn’s bed.

Viewers at home were left in hysterics

Well, these are the kind of moments worth watching for in Love Island. Who doesn’t like a funny blunder on a dating show, right?

Viewers at home have taken to social media to share their reactions.

One viewer tweeted: “Finn reacts to bugs the exact same way I do I’m crying.” Someone else wrote: “The way Finn scurried when he saw that bug. Not gonna lie, that would have been me though. That thing was massive!”

Here are more hilarious reactions from viewers:





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