Last night’s cliffhanger left fans fuming, but tonight’s episode will definitely be bringing the recoupling drama as Stick Or Twist begins.

Tonight marks the most dramatic recoupling of the series as nearly all the islanders have been flirting in Casa Amor. Will Jacques stay loyal to Paige? And will Davide and Ekin-Su end before sparks truly fly?

Luca during the Love Island recoupling
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Laura Whitmore asks the boys the all-important question

Seated around the firepit, the new girls stand up and Laura announces the iconic proceedings of Stick Or Twist:

“As you all know, tonight there will be a recoupling. Boys – each of you have a big decision to make. So I’m gonna ask you one by one if you want to stick with your partner who has been away in Casa Amor for the past few days, or whether you want to recouple with one of these gorgeous girls standing in front of you. Now remember, the girls in Casa Amor have also been given the choice of whether to stick with you or couple up with someone new. So boys, it’s time to make your decisions and let’s find out what the girls have decided to do…”

Jay is the first boy up and is asked to reveal whether he’d like to stay with Danica or whether he’d like to recouple with one of the new girls.

Jacques during the Love Island recoupling
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One by one the boys reveal their decision, and it’s revealed whether their partner has chosen to stick or twist in Casa Amor.

Did any of the couples survive? Or has the recoupling shaken everything up?

Laura Whitmore leads the Casa Amor recoupling on Love Island
From Lifted Entertainment Love Island: SR8: Ep3…

What happened last night?

Several couples are in trouble as the islanders get to know the newcomers, and some were more friendly than others.

Jacques had his eyes set on Molly and Cheyanne to test his feelings away from Paige. He ultimately whittled it down to Cheyanne because he wanted someone more reserved and was only getting “friend vibes” from the former. Thankfully, there were no hard feelings, possibly because she sneaked a kiss with Davide.

Andrew during the Love Island recoupling
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Tasha and Andrew’s romance gets tested after both parties are seen locking lips with the newbies. Tasha admits she and Billy are “like a house on fire,” while Andrew breaks down in tears upon telling Jacques: “I’m just not enough for the girl that I wanted.”

“Tasha was what I wanted, I felt like we were building something but I was just there because I was easy for her,” he revealed in the Beach Hut.

Danica finally has some luck as she gets closer with Josh, admitting that she’s “like a kid at Christmas, Josh just makes feel giggly” after their smooch.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub
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