This year’s Love Island Series 4 came with a special addition – the Love Island game app!

Love Island fans have the ability to experience what it’s like to be a real Islander in true Sims style.

People have been getting more than stuck into the app with the likes of Talia, Levi and Allegra causing mayhem for players.

The game is described as ‘Your Summer Love Story’ but by the looks of things, it’s more of an all round nightmare.

Here are 7 things that we have all done while playing the Love Island game app.

1. Become Far Too Emotionally Attached

Now, we think it’s important to remember that Talia, Levi and co are not real people.

If you delete the app, you know they won’t actually die!

And if you’re really that attached, you can just re-download it… we won’t judge, Becky!

2. Had Our Hearts Crushed

Perhaps the Love Island game app should come with a disclaimer: not suitable for sensitive souls.

If you’re not prepared for a whole lot of virtual cheating, kissing and rumour spreading then this is not the game for you.

3. Ended Up Insanely Addicted

We really should have guessed it.

If the TV series has consumed us for the last eight weeks, then the game is bound to as well.

It’s safe to say, we don’t care who the drama is about, and we don’t even care if the people are real-life humans or not!

4. Spent Actual Money on the App

This is perhaps the most shocking Tweet to date.

Twenty whole British pounds ladies and gentlemen.

That’s how much money some fans are willing to spend on the game – dedication at it’s finest.

5. Labelled Characters Horrible Names

And we thought being an Islander would be fun!

It turns out even being a make-believe contestant is enough to send most of us over the edge.

Calling cartoon Love Island contestant Cherry a sl*g? You better believe it b*tch!

6. Planned Our Day Around the Love Island Game App

Crazy as it may seem, a lot of Love Island game players are planning their days around virtual dating.

Waiting up into the early hours of the morning for the Love Island game to work – commitment or mental breakdown?

7. Made Comparisons to Our Own Love Life

Maybe it’s that realistic, who knows.

But for one reason or another, Love Island game-players are actually comparing their own love lives to the virtual cast’s.

One Twitter used said (very depressingly may we add): Even in the virtual world I can’t keep a man.”

If we can take anything away from this, it’s probably best not to embody your avatar on the Love Island game app.

You might start to feel like you’ve been cheated on for real!

Love Island 2018 came to a close on Monday 31st July with favourites Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham taking the crown.

The fun is over for the real contestants.

Then again, if you’ve downloaded the Love Island game app, the fun is only just beginning!

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