What is the Love Island 'graduation' meaning? NVQ levels explained!

What is the Love Island 'graduation' meaning? NVQ levels explained!

This year’s Love Island has taken s*x to a whole meaning, by labelling different levels in bed as NVQ numbers and the big one – graduation.

Couples such as Teddy and Faye, Millie and Liam, Liberty and Jake, and Chloe and Toby, have all been in on the ‘graduation’ this year.

However, some viewers have been left confused about exactly what it means, especially since the girls actually had a ceremony to celebrate.

If you missed the girls discussing the NVQ levels, and what graduation when mentioned in the villa actually means, Reality Titbit has the answers.

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Love Island: Graduation meaning

  • ‘Graduation’ on Love Island 2021 means they have had s*x

The term graduation is essentially a code word for going the full way with their couple, as made up by the female Islanders.

It basically means that they have done the deed, and made the ultimate most of the ‘educational time’ in the villa.

Some viewers have enjoyed the meaning of graduation, while others are unsure what it means, and think it could be a bit much.

Previous codes for sleeping together on the ITV2 dating show have been “doing bits”. The boys on the current series refer to sports games as code.

What are the Love Island ‘NVQ levels’?

The NVQ levels are the different intimacy levels that have taken place between a couple on the 2021 Love Island series.

On the outside world, NVQ are actually National Vocational Qualifications.

They are usually practical work-based awards in England, Wales and Northern Ireland that are achieved through assessment and training.

However, it means a totally different thing in the villa. Here’s the different NVQ levels listed to avoid further confusion:

  1. Entry level NVQ – Kissing
  2. NVQ1 – S*xual act using hands
  3. NVQ2 – Oral s*x
  4. NVQ3 – S*x

Who has ‘graduated’ on Love Island 2021?

  • Chloe, Faye, Millie and Liberty

The metaphor of ‘graduating’ – which is called that to hide what it really means – was made up by the 2021 Love Island girls.

They made a group decision to graduate on the same night, and all went to bed in silk dressing gowns, as shown on the August 11 episode.

However, Liberty revealed that she was “first in the class” as she had technically graduated a while before them, with boyfriend Jake.

Faye also noted that she had gone from ‘NVQ 1’ to ‘graduating’ in one night.



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