Love Island 2018’s strongest couple, Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer, have stolen our hearts with their love story.

True romance has blossomed on our TV screens for the last six weeks and some people are saying the pair are set to win series four.

One thing we have noticed, though, is how love’s young dream seem to have a very awkward and peculiar kissing technique.

Trust us, once you see the way that Love Island’s Jack and Dani kiss, everything changes!

Let Me Take Me Teeth Out, Love

The public has been commenting on Jack and Dani’s PDA for a while now.

Jack’s performances have been likened to that of kissing his nan or his sister.

The stationary salesman clapped back with the fact that he, in fact, does not kiss his sister – just to clear that up.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

The smooching dilemma has been frustrating the nation really badly, and has even led some to doubt whether their relationship is genuine!

Wouldn’t Want Them To Pop?

Speculation around the couple’s authenticity has been mixed together with rumours that they don’t want to kiss properly due to lip fillers and veneers – only in Love Island, eh!

The bubbly couple did have their first ‘proper’ kiss a few weeks back, but seem to have now reverted back to their questionable pecking style.

Do Bits Police

We can’t help but think having dad, Danny Dyer, watching at home is enough to kill the mood for anyone.

Perhaps the thought of Danny D watching at home while sharpening his kitchen knife is what has seriously reduced Jack’s passionate kissing style.

The Jani Special

But you know what they say – each to their own. If that’s how Jani want to put it on each other, then so be it.

Let’s not grill them too much, they’re getting more action that most of us at the moment, anyway!


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