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Love Island: Is Toby's mum Irish? All about 2021 finalist's heritage!

When the ‘Meet the Parents’ episode aired, fans were left confused when Toby’s mum walked in and spoke in an Irish accent.

He became emotional when his mum and sister walked in, before they met his partner Chloe, alongside her sister and own proud mum.

Telling him how much him and Chloe suit, viewers were baffled when Toby’s mum Victoria unexpectedly started talking in a strong Irish accent.

Reality Titbit looked into where Toby’s mum is from, to find out more about the finalist’s heritage and family background.

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Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Viewers wonder if Toby’s mum is Irish

Looking through Twitter, it is clear to see that the most popular question of the ‘Meet the Parents’ episode was whether Toby’s mum is Irish or not.

One fan wrote: “Toby’s mum is from Mayo?! I’m loving it!.”

Another said: “Tony’s mum’s accent…are you telling me Toby has been the spicy Irish person this season.”

Some even claimed it was the plot twist of the series, as Love Island usually brings someone from Ireland onto the show.

“Toby’s mum being Irish is the plot twist of the series”, said another.

Others were still unsure, and continued to try to work out where Toby’s mum comes from.

A viewer said: “Trying to work out Toby’s mums accent.”

Love Island: Where is Toby’s mum from?

  • Toby’s mum is from County Mayo, Ireland

Fans may have been shocked, but it was quickly discovered that his mother has her strong accent from living in Mayo.

His Instagram confirmed that Victoria is “indeed” Irish, and from Mayo. Former Islander Matthew MacNabb also said Toby’s mum is from there.

Mayo is based in the West of Ireland, in the province of Connacht, where it is thought that she grew up before later moving to Essex.

Toby’s mum is now with her partner Dwaine and has three children.

Viewers are now loving Toby even more after finding out his mum Victoria is from Mayo, which he had not mentioned on air before.

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Toby Aromolaran: Heritage explored

Toby has Nigerian heritage, like his fellow Islander Teddy Soares.

His father Adebisi Aromolaran, is from Ilesha, Nigeria, who later moved to England. The Islander’s family now live in Essex.

As his mum is Irish, this makes Toby half-Irish!

His sister Shauna Aromolaran also appeared on the episode, which means she must be half-Irish, too. She often talks about her brother’s antics!



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