Love Island 2018 has seen the return of the iconic water bottle, with every Tom, Adam and Harry flaunting their fancy drinking mechanism around the villa.

It’s just a water bottle. And it doesn’t even look like it has a filtering device.

But hey, if you want to purchase a quirky piece of merchandise for a Love Island fanatic, here’s how to buy the Love Island water bottle +  7 of the most OBSCURE things on the market!

Let the Christmas list begin…

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1. Adam Collard Cake Topper


If you really really really wanted too, then you could bake some cute little fairy cakes and place Adam Collard’s face on top.

Virtually anything is available to buy on eBay nowadays, and we couldn’t get over the fact that someone is making money by selling Love Island cake toppers.

It doesn’t have to be Adam, either, pick your favourite series four cast member and top off your buns in style – BUY here.

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2.  Love Island Water Bottle

Okay, so the water bottle isn’t really that obscure, and it seems to be a fashion statement that has swept across the nation.

Niall Aslam had to sit through countless interviews and be around Hayley Hughes’s screeching voice for a week to earn his bottle, but you can purchase one for £15 from the official Love Island store.

Slap your name on it and pick from pink, orange or blue – BUY here.

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3. Creepy Dr Love T-shirt

What says ‘we are rooting for Dr Alex’ more than a creepy t-shirt with his face printed on it. are offering this T for £15.94.

Don’t ask about the random 94p, although we think it covers the cost of the Btec font – BUY here.

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4. Doin Bits Society Mug

Extraordinarily, there are over 500 different pieces of Love Island memorabilia on the website.

You can literally buy anything!

Our favourite piece of kit is the Doin Bits Society Mug, where you can tell everyone around the work office how you’re the king of doing bits for just £6.99.

Perhaps not to be purchased the morning after the work party – BUY here.

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5. Love Island Birthday Card

To be fair, this one is kinda cool.

Inventive, creative and definitely something different, the personalised Love Island Birthday is a sure way suprise your friends.

It will set you back £3.95, but you can pick from custom designs including #TooSoonToSpoon and #100%MyTypeOnPaper – BUY here. 

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6. Love Island Board Game

Now here’s a way to spice up the weekend – a game of snog, marry, pie with the Love Island board game! brings you a Love Island themed game, complete with raunchy tasks and explicit dares such as “demonstrate your sexiest yoga pose”.

Remember the good old days of Monopoly and Cluedo – BUY here.

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7. Tommy Hilfiger T

Back with those guys at, we have an incredible combination of classic Tommy Hilfiger style and modern pop culture.

For £19.99 you can grab the sharpest piece of fashion cloth on the market, with this pink Love Island T that replicates the iconic Tommy H design.

How fab! – BUY here. 

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