We caught up with Love Island series three star and Ibiza Weekender regular Chyna Ellis to find out if she has been keeping up to date with the latest antics on ITV2.

Despite spending the most of her summer launching her own swimwear brand, the blonde bombshell has been as hooked to Love Island as the rest of the U.K.

Here’s who Chyna thinks will win series four and why…


Chyna, have you been watching Love Island? Who’s your favourite?

I think Dani (Mas Dyer) is my favourite at the moment.

Dani and Jack are a really nice couple, I just think they’re my cup of tea and if I met them on a night out then we’d all get along.

They seem quite genuine and I feel like their relationship will get stronger and stronger as the weeks go on.

 Having shared their first kiss just days ago, Dani and JackÕs relationship is going from strength to strength
Dani and Jack’s relationship is going from strength to strength.
Dani and Jack
Dani and Jack

Do you know Dani? Or anyone on the show?

I know the new guy Josh actually.

I don’t think you’ve seen much of him yet, but he was dating one of my friends and now he’s on Love Island – he never told her!

Josh and Charlie's arrival immediately sparks excitement amongst the girls.
Josh and Charlie’s arrival immediately sparks excitement amongst the girls.

And if you weren’t rooting for team Dani?

To be honest, i’d just be team Bombshell (contestants who join the show later, like Chyna did in series three)

I know there’s a lot of Bombshells on this series and to see them stay a bit longer is quite refreshing.

It’s nice to see people doing well who aren’t part of the original cast.


So from your experience, what’s the most difficult thing about being on the show?

Being with people 24/7 is really hard, especially if there is someone on the show you don’t like or get along with.

It’s really hard to be around people you don’t like and not start drama.

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