Fans of Love Island have three critical conditions to cope with right now.

On one hand, they have the ritual 9 pm episode of Love Island to manage every night. The very next morning, there is a solid 9 am-5 pm shift sifting through hilarious viral memes.

And, on top of all that, fans somehow have to squeeze in a few hours on Love Island The Game attempting to win over Bobby and Noah.

Yet just when you figured summer excitement couldn’t peak any higher, it turns out that the LI Game will thrust one of their swanky new features into play very soon.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Casa Amor episode on the game, introduced by those clever guys at Fusebox!

Love Island The Game s2 – Fusebox Games

What is the Casa Amor episode on Love Island The Game?

Following in suit of the ITV2 dating show, Love Island The Game will introduce a scandalous Casa Amor episode to shake things up.

The producers exclusive told Reality Titbit that the episode should drop in June, although delays may push it back to the start of July.

Ed Sibley, narrative director of the game said:

The timing of Casa Amor has been carefully worked out to make the surprise all the more dramatic. The sequence will span several days and will feature the introduction of a whole new set of boys as the girls travel to Casa Amor, leaving the lads unattended…

You heard it here first: If you’ve already got trust issues between you and your man then prepare for a long and nervy weekend on Love Island The Game.

What about the Baby Challenge?

Ed also revealed that the Baby Challenge episode will be part of the game in season 2 having not featured in last year’s series 1.

The game episode will follow all the same similarities as the show and will drop sometime at the end of August.

Ed said:

We’re also doing a Baby Challenge towards the end of the summer as one of the final challenges that couples must overcome in the villa. That’ll be sometime in August.

Screen Shot: Love Island Game version 2 Fusebox
Screen Shot: Love Island Game version 2 Fusebox

How to play and download Love Island The Game

You can download the game from both the iOS and Google Play stores now.

The game takes you on a journey through the villa as if you are one of the cast members, starting by designing and creating a character based on multiple choices – it’s basically a very modern-day Sims!

Your task is to earn gems by flirting and making friends. You can then spend the gems on new outfits and earn enough points to go on dates, ensuring that you’re always the number one pick when it comes to the recoupling showdowns.

The best part is that with 100s of varying storylines, you could end up with anyone on the game… well, or no-one!

DOWNLOAD the game at

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