How to watch Love Island online outside of UK: Streaming services listed!

The dating show of the year is officially back, marking the start of that sweet summer. But for those outside of the UK, we’ve got you covered.

If you have been watching Love Island clips all over social media, but haven’t been able to watch the real show online like UK viewers – don’t fret.

Season 7 kicked off on ITV2 on June 28th, when those across the UK could tune in to the live launch at 9pm. But we know it’s not accessible for all.

Instead of spending hours clicking on random websites, follow our steps below to access Love Island season 7 from outside of the United Kingdom.

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FIRST LOOK: Our brand new Islanders are in the villa and ready to couple up.. | Love Island Series 7

FIRST LOOK: Our brand new Islanders are in the villa and ready to couple up.. | Love Island Series 7

Fans call for Love Island streaming abroad

Those outside of the UK, who can see all the drama happening through social media clips, have claimed it just isn’t enough.

Many have turned to Twitter to ask other fans how to watch if they are currently living outside of the country.

One fan wrote: “Watching little clips on Instagram is like surviving on crumbs. How can I properly analyse this year’s islanders’ IT factor without the full episode?

Another said: “Is there no way to watch #LoveIsland live while outside the UK? I don’t want to miss out on live tweeting with errybodyy.”

How to watch Love Island outside of UK

A VPN is the best way to access Love Island season 7, and there are many of them available, including:

Most of them actually offer limited free trials before needing to pay for to use its services, which is a bonus!

A VPN works by changing your IP address to make it look like the user is browsing back in the UK.

If you don’t wish to use a VPN, eager viewers can download the app TV Mucho, but this only allows you to stream for one hour a week for free.

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How to watch Love Island in UK

When ITV Hub is working, you can stream Love Island live there. Or if you prefer to watch it live, head to ITV2 at 9pm every night, except Saturdays!

Users experienced technical difficulties during the launch of the 2021 series which is why they were left concerned.

In order to use ITV Hub, you’ll need to log in or sign up to the platform.

Want to watch on a connected TV device?

ITV help instructs users to head to on a PC/Mac or on your phone.

If you’re signed in on that device, you’ll see a screen asking you to enter the code on your TV. If not, you’ll need to register for an account or sign in using the email and password you used to register.



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