Episode 15 of Love Island seriously raised the stakes as eligible new bachelor Sam Bird strutted in.

The personal trainer from Norwich has tip-toed in at the perfect time, with both Rosie Williams and Samira Mighty hopelessly looking for love.

However, cracks have been beginning to show in Wes Nelson and Laura Anderson’s relationship, while Ellie Brown isn’t totally off the menu.

Ooh, and what about Zara McDermott… this is too exciting!

Sam and Rosie

Perhaps the most obvious of the potential couplings, Rosie is fresh on the hunt for a new man having recently been ditched by Adam Collard.

Clearly, she is out for revenge, having spent the best part of episode 15 posing in a revealing nightgown to try and win Adam’s attention.

Screen Shot: Love Island's Sam Bird..and Rosie? - ITV2, Series 4, episode 15
Screen Shot: Love Island’s Sam Bird..and Rosie? – ITV2, Series 4, episode 15

What better way to p*ss your former man off than moving on to the next hunk who walks into the villa?

Like Adam, Sam is also a personal trainer, so surely sitting around and squeezing his biceps is one of the first things on Rosie’s ‘get a new man’ agenda.

LIKELIHOOD: 9/10  – Sam and Rosie

Sam and Samira

Sam’s other front-runner is Samira, who is bidding goodbye to long-term ‘friendship partner’ Dr Alex, following the arrival of Bombshell Ellie Brown.

However, we can’t help but feel Rosie is more desperate to get to know Sam than Samira is.

And, with the West End dancer more partial to the blonde hair and blue eyes look, things aren’t looking great for Samira.

LIKELIHOOD: 6.5/10  – Sam and Samira

Screen Shot: New girls Georgia and Rosie - Love Island, ITV2, episode three
Love Island: Samira Mighty –  SR4: Ep3 on ITV2

Sam and Laura

If you really want to see Love Island 2018 spark into anarchy, then how about praying for an uncharted burst of chemistry between Laura Anderson and newbie Sam Bird.

Although we don’t know Sam’s full age, he does seem more on the more mature side having owned his own gym in Norwich.

Then again, he does refer to himself as ‘The Bird’.

Who the f*ck knows…

LIKELIHOOD: 3/10  – Sam and Laura


Screen Shot: Love Island's Sam Bird - ITV2, Series 4, episode 15
Screen Shot: Love Island’s Sam Bird – ITV2, Series 4, episode 15

Sam and Ellie/Zara

It appears that both Ellie and Zara are growing closer and closer to their chosen men.

Ellie kissing Dr Alex in the latest episode, and Zara getting all giddy whenever Adam Collard is around.

However, stranger things have happened, with Love Island fans unconvinced by the apparent romance of Alex and Ellie.

Not that we could we take the heartache of another person stealing Dr Alex’s girl…

LIKELIHOOD: 2.5/10  – Sam and others


Sam and Adam Collard

Why not throw this one into the mix.

Considering Adam has literally eyed up every new person to walk through the villa doors, we will give you odds at 8/1…

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