20-year-old twins is Love Island‘s 2020 vision - the world is doomed!

After Love Island’s biggest season to date, the bosses at ITV are taking it up another notch by hosting their first-ever Winter Love Island!

The brand new season starts on Sunday, January 12th and will air, as always, every weeknight and Sunday for over a month. The nation is already prepping to get to know the twelve new contestants better than they know themselves as we follow their love lives and friendships for what is generally agreed as an unhealthy amount of time.

This 2020 season has many firsts. It is the first season not hosted by the Flack, it is the first held away from Majorca, but it is also the first to feature siblings – what fans have been looking forward to for many seasons now.

So, without further adieu, let’s get to know Love Island’s first set of twins!

Screenshot: Meet The Islanders | Love Island 2020 YouTube – (L-R) Jess and Eve

Meet the Love Island 2020 twins

Eve and Jessica “Jess” Gale are 20-year-old twins from Cambridgeshire.

They now live and work in London as VIP hostesses and students. Eve is confirmed to be a student at King’s College London, whereas it has been rumoured that Jess goes to UCL.

Nothing is known about what the twins study.

On the side of their jobs and studies, Jess and Eve are also bonafide Insta celebs in their own right. The twins already have tonnes of Instagram followers and Eve even caught the attention of rapper Tyga – who is famously Kylie Jenner’s ex – on Insta.

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Jess and Eve on Love Island

The twins have remained adamant that they will not fight over men while in the Love Island villa, despite the fact that they have exactly the same type… they both described Anthony Joshua as their dream man, so if a tall, handsome boxer comes along, we’re not sure how long they’ll stay friendly.

Jess said: “We’ve got so much respect for each other we’re not going to argue over a boy!”

We can already see the bets on how long that will last being placed.

Telling the twins apart

This is obviously going to get tricky for everyone involved. The viewers, the Islanders, the filming crew.

Obviously for those who know Eve and Jess personally, this will be no issue. But for the first few days (or potentially weeks), it might be difficult to differentiate the Gale twins.


Fortunately, we’ve spotted some differences about them which might help!

Out of the two, Eve is slightly taller. And although they are identical twins, there are some slight differences in facial features. Eve has slightly more arched and pointed eyebrows than Jess, and Eve has a longer face.

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Is it going to be one big mess?

The Love Island producers love their drama. And what a brilliant idea throwing identical twins – that are so easily confused – in the villa with a group of strangers wanting to crack on with one another.

It’s obvious that there will be some drama surrounding the twins and a plot line will follow on from that. Fans on Twitter are already calling out the producers for placing the Gale twins in to reap the rewards the other Islanders’ confusion might bring. It’s all about the viewing for them!

This might be a signal of how far Love Island has come since season 1, as now most of the drama now seems constructed – and fans aren’t happy about it!




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